1/12 Scale Modern House Project

{Posted Originally May 2012 on my old blog}  After months of preliminary drawings I'm still working on my house.  Everything looks great until the floor plan is laid out and the sight lines are off.  Each room needs about 2 external sight lines which is quite the challenge.  There are hardly any references for modern yet traditional dollhouses, so the exterior trimmings are yet to be finalized.

Here is a glimpse into my exterior planning so far.  The grey scale image is the final product of the three stages shown, they are a mashup from :

I will have a complementary website up an running soon to document the progress.


  1. It sounds like an exciting project! I'm looking forward to seeing it develop!

  2. Thank you! It's coming along, I'll be moving from foam board to wood very soon :)

  3. This is wonderful. I want to build a house from scratch, so I will be watching your progress.