25 Nov 2013

All Lit Up

I can finally see the light. ;)  It's been many long months but I finally feel like my kitchen project is nearing its completion. Even as I type this my boyfriend is building me a base with wheels to set the house on, which will let me anchor and glue everything down.
I received my chip LED lights on Friday and quickly assembled them all together.  I bought them from Evan Designs and they were shipped quickly and at a reasonable price to Canada.  I highly recommend them.  These tiny tiny LED chips are very powerful and I only had to use one per cabinet. 

The magnets holding the doors to the cabinets leave a small gap of light.   So I'll be finishing with trim to fill them in.  

I'm especially happy with how the space above the oven is lit and the reflection on the tiles.  I think I will do lights under the cabinets to brighten the space too.

Last week I finally got around to using the polymer clay I had bought.  I didn't have time to start the gingerbread house but I did make some little cinnamon buns.  I'm hooked!  It was so much easier then I thought it would be!  I may not be a great baker in real life but my miniature baking might just work out.
 Once again thank you all for moving with me to Blogspot.

18 Nov 2013

The Kitchen Without A Chef

My kitchen in real life could never look anything like this.
So clean and tidy.  HA!  I have plans.  I am making a gingerbread house and I expect to have full on icing splattered candy covered disaster.  

While I play with my polymer clay, I'm waiting for the little chip lights to arrive so I can put them inside the cupboards.  I also need to decide on countertops. Maybe add in the windows?  Next post will no doubt include some Christmas spirit but also detail the upper cabinet magnets.

I'm looking forward to getting into the Christmas miniature spirit.  Have any suggestions of links I should check out?

11 Nov 2013

Modern Miniature Kitchen Hardware

Let me tell you finding modern miniature hardware wasn't easy. Most ready made drawer pulls are limited to gold, brass and fancy-schmancy designs of eras past. I became increasingly worried that I would be stuck with the generic bent wire shapes for the pulls. Hours of searching later I was ready to give up.

Enter Emily from The Den Of Slack and her amazing idea to use jewelry jump rings.  Genius.  I loved the subtle shape and scale and decided to take a trip to the craft store to see what I could find.

As Emily had noted, these pulls are not easily applied to the cabinets but I think they are well worth the effort.  I decided to use an oval shape 'connector' as I thought they would curve out from the cabinets much nicer then the round shape.

Method:  Take your cutting tool (I used diagonal pliers) and snip the connectors in half.  Then attach the very very tiny half of connector to your cabinets with crazy glue by pressing it into the wood and applying a dot of the glue to the sides where the metal meets the wood.  (In her post Emily had mentioned how frustrating this was to do, and I didn't believe her... But I learned quickly just how right she was.  Just when I would have it setting the metal would topple over into the glue and I would have to start again. : (  Be warned!

The other knobs you see are the small (B) knobs from Elf Miniatures and are a great modern hardware option. They were much, much simpler to attach.  I used a nail and a hammer, no glue.

This post is rather behind in showing the actual progress of the kitchen.  I'm very excited to show you all the changes, I now have the upper cabinets up along the walls with magnetic closures and extra tiling and detail work.  Next post will detail how I did that and show you all the progress that has been made.
Until then,

3 Nov 2013

Important Message for Email Subscribers

Dear email followers, I am going to try moving blogging platforms from Wordpress to Blogger over the next week or so. My domain will stay the same at paperdollminiatures.com and it should all be a relatively seamless transition (Feedly and Bloglovin will continue to work as well).  However my email notifications will be coming from a different client, so from my research:

If you want to keep receiving emails for new posts you will need to click here and enter your address.    

I am choosing to do this now while my blog is still young.  Personally I have found that many of you use blogger and I am missing out on opportunities to interact and link up with all your fabulous blogs!  As well my blog seems to have been slowly taken over with ads and has been limited with customization, which would require money that I would rather spend on my minis!  Overall I'm hoping that my switch to Blogger will be easier for many of you to follow and enjoy even if you choose to for go the email notifications.

I appreciate all of you and apologize for the inconvenience.  Thank you so much for following along with me here on my blog. Until next time,


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