31 Jan 2014

Night By The River

A mini update friends, I know I've been away from blogging for a few weeks.  I've done some minor updates to the kitchen: side paneling, under cabinet trim, and beginning to upholster my new kitchen and dining chairs.  Overall everything seems to be mid-project.  The one major renovation is the windows, all punched out and ready for endless landscapes!

 I've also filled in some of my cabinets.  I received a big bag of mixed dishes from my bf for Christmas.  I think the total came to 187 in total of various plates, mugs and teapots in a blue-ish white.  I will probably buy again from this seller because the price is so great for the amount you get.
I also got some putty by Collector's Hold! over the holidays.  I wish I had got this sooner!  It holds everything!  No more masking tape!  I was able to hang all my cabinets and dishes (some need some final touching up) and nothing moves.

 Also from the same seller as the dishes, I got this cute miniature kitchen aid mixer in an orange colour. (seen below)  It's a tad small for my kitchen... but I think in some places like this shelf it will work.  It would probably be to scale in most commercial dollhouse kitchens.
 And a sneak peek at my new dining chairs!  They are being modernized with a black and white stripe.  I'll be sure to post in detail next time.  I absolutely love them!
 The chairs were really the final piece missing in my design.  I think now I can choose a counter top finish and trim colour that will tie in with the walnut finish.

Well that's all for now.  I should be back to posting regularly again.  Thanks for visiting.


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