24 May 2014

May New Projects and Finds: Studio and Farmhouse

 A big hello to all my new followers!  It's been awhile here.  The first two weeks after Easter I spent in a rut.  I just could not figure out the windows for the kitchen nook.  Ever get that way when planning things out?  I decided instead to change things up and now I've got a few new projects on the go (and thankfully I also figured out the windows along the way too).
I first started collecting and making items for a miniature photography studio.

 The tripod is based off of Pepper's fabulous tutorial, I would have been lost without it.  I was able to replicate something similar for the softbox bases (in progress up up above).  The printer was a Re-ment find and I think the 1:6 scale lets it work as a large format printer.  The large black case is a make-up train case from Re-ment but works great as an equipment case.

 Speaking of makeup my other project on the go is the bathroom.  This makeup set by Re-ment was too good to pass up!  Along with the toothbrushes I showed in a previous post I think I'm due for a new scene.

 I love how detailed the brushes are are, this is something where I really like Re-ment's use of plastics.  They are a little bigger then 1:12 but they'll still work.
With this haul of new minis (so many deals!) I also got some items for my fridge.  My inhabitants must do a lot of shopping at an Asian grocer. :)  Lots of jams and jars to add volume.  Still need some vegetables though.  I'll let you know how the whole 1:6 vs 1:12 scale goes.
And I tried my hand at clay food making again.  Five grilled chicken dinners with green beans and red roasted potatoes for a summer meal.  Making clay food is a very satisfying hobby, but one that takes some practice.  Each time I learn a little more...
And the last project on the go was a surprise.  My boyfriend got me the house I had been eyeing in a local ad.  TADA!  We thought it was still in it's box but it turned out to be 1/2 built -an even better surprise!  It's a Dura-craft Farmhouse.  A little wobbly but very workable.

I plan to add in the second floor, but skip the third floor and any dividing walls.  Open concept all the way!  I also hope to modernize the front, skipping the covered porch etc. Re-doing the windows...

 Check out those gorgeous old floors!

The plan is to have this house as a place to make quick scenes while I work on the larger one.  Meanwhile my work space continues to shrink...
Finally the kitchen nook windows: Below you can see the nook in question to the right.
Here is the design minus all the trim and casing.  I made the grids in photoshop and plan to have them printed on transparencies rather then using wood this time around.

 Like my table? lol.  Hmmm...

I guess I had a bit more to post then I had originally thought.  Everything really came together the last 3 days.  And to keep the mini projects going I've got a 3D printer & laser wood cutter class and certification on Monday at the local library.  For free!  How cool is that?  I don't know what other people will be making but I'll be busting out some 1:12 goodies for sure.

Wishing you all great weekend, happy mini making!

Macbook is LiLu, Chair is Reac Japan, Camera I have just learned is a 1:6 "Hot Toys City Solider Story" item (search for it on ebay), Equipment case (meant for makeup)/printer/storage container/makeup and brushes/most food items are all Re-Ment meant for 1:6 but can fit in some 1:12 scenes.  See previous posts for other kitchen items. 


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