6 Mar 2015

Kitchen Update

I've managed to dig myself out of the snow drifts to bring you a long over-do update. I hit a lot of design roadblocks the last couple of months and the kitchen has been sitting in pieces. I found it challenging to select windows, flooring and overall design style knowing it would continue throughout the rest of the open concept house.  Everything needs to be glued down yet but it's almost there I think, a few changes to make again but its very close!  

January was spent designing, making and re-making the island and the windows/doors.  I have a lot of extra variations made of everything.  It seems to be my design process...  I can't really visualize it until I see it for real in the space.  
February was consumed trying to get the design elements to compliment each other.  This was so frustrating.  The cabinets are a grey-beige and it's been really difficult to match the other components with it.  I made 6+ popsicle floors to find a colour.

Some projects that I did manage were the pull handles, the black range hood, creating 3 shelves in the upper cabinets, and selecting the marble and flooring pairing.  The floor stain I liked best is Minwax Weathered Oak with a a diy white wash below.

I also got some great new kitchen miniatures for Christmas.  These bar stools are by Boutique Miniatures on Etsy.  I loved that they are adjustable and very well made.

I also got some new white stemware and dishes, (mostly Chrysnbon pieces from miniature shops).

This post shows the true colour of the cabinets, the earlier post back in November had a lot of photoshop to adjust the lighting which made the cabinets look more blue-grey.  I actually like that tone a bit more so it really helps to see the two snapshots of progress.  
Like I said a few more changes and fixes but I'm finally feeling more secure with the design and direction of the house now which makes it more motivating to blog again.  I'm working on a few more posts to go up soon too :)

Hope you all are doing well this winter! I've missed you!


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