6 Mar 2021

Bungalow Dollhouse: Winter

We're looking back at my 2020 winter bungalow dollhouse scene today.  I'm still cleaning up the snowflakes from this!  

The garland and wreaths are by Tiny Naturals on Etsy.  The lanterns are from my shop.   The trees are a mix of Lemax, Model Builders Supply, and Michaels.  And I printed out the backdrop on Engineering paper.  

The icicles were super easy to make.  I used Watereffects by Woodland Scenics.  And to protect my roof I put down a layer of foam board before adding a lot of modeling paste and powdered snow from the hobby shop.  The roof part warped a lot because I wasn't able to secure it without damaging my shingles.

And here it is at night with lights from Evan Designs LEDs.

The blog is officially caught up!  I can't wait to share the new house that I've been working on!  I also hope to revisit this bungalow dollhouse one last time for Spring/Summer. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

27 Feb 2021

Bungalow Dollhouse: Exterior Construction

Today I've got a long overdue follow up to my original bungalow construction post.  We're looking at the exterior; roofing, siding, shingles, foundation, and landscaping.  All of which was all done prior to my fall scene. 

12 Sept 2020

Bungalow Dollhouse: Fall

Hello, Fall!  The exterior of my beachside bungalow dollhouse has finally finished it's transformation. Today I'm thrilled to share a bit more about the house and some of my favourite new harvest-inspired minis.  Let's face it in miniland you need to get a head start on the seasonal decor if you want to finish in time to display!

I'm delighted to have partnered up with Hobby Builders Supply and miniatures.com once again to show off some of their seasonal accessories.  I love doing these holiday or seasonal projects with them because it always motivates me to try new things and reimagine my dollhouse or roombox.  I hope you get inspired too!

22 Aug 2020

Summer BBQ on the Patio

Summer 2020 sure has been one to remember!  I hope all of my readers are healthy and doing okay.  I started this bbq scene back in March, so I guess you could call this my quarantine project.  It's been fun to re-vist the patio space and spend some time "outside" and throwing a mini party when things are quieter in real life.  I found so many fabulously talented miniaturists for this one.  

15 Mar 2020

Spring Celebration

Spring is on its way!  I think we all could use some cheerfulness in our lives right now with everything going on in the world, and what better way than a celebration with minis?  This farmhouse spring roombox was inspired by the new Hobby Builders Supply and miniatures.com March 2020 catalogue.  This project really cheered me up in the last couple of weeks, and I hope it brings a bit of sunshine for you too!