Birthday Celebration Winner

Hi everyone!  Thank you so so much for all your comments and kind words on my last post!  I read through every single one.   It was great to see some familiar names and ones I haven't heard from in a while too.  I was so overwhelmed with all your love and encouragement!

Birthday Party Giveaway

It's my birthday, and we're celebrating!  It's my 3-0 and you're all invited to my mini party! To make it extra special I'm doing a giveaway to mark the occasion too.  One lucky winner will receive a Shapeways gift card to purchase some minis (details at the bottom of this post)!
Let me show you around!

Valentine's Day 2019

Happy Valentine's day all my mini readers!  My life is definitely better with all of you in it! It's always nice to take out the seasonal minis and do up a scene.

1st and 2nd Floors

I'm very pleased to share an updated tour of the dollhouse on the blog today, including a video!  The first and second floors are glued together and primed, and the windows have been cut and painted.  The last of the structural design dilemmas were sorted during this process (which caused quite a bit of delay) and the house now features many more accessibility points.

Dollhouse Nursery Collection

I have been so looking forward to sharing these amazing handcrafted miniatures with you all.  For Christmas this year my boyfriend surprised me with some major miniature love.  I kind of knew a mini mitre saw was in the works, but I hadn't been expecting the surprise nursey collection he gifted me as well.  It was the best surprise!