Construction Continued

A little update on the dollhouse for you this weekend.  It's been slow going because I (as usual) decided to re-cut everything to get the design right.  (And I mean every single piece!)  The house is a little wider now by about 3 inches to better fit the interior stairway and I replaced all the thinner mdf with 1/4 inch.

The front porch and the chimney are new exterior additions.  I'm almost tempted to put in another dormer on the third floor but I don't know exactly where it would go with the exterior design.

Construction Begins!

The dry fit phase has begun!  Over the last two weeks, I've been cutting and assembling my MDF walls and cardboard window templates.  This has been a two-part process with an initial dry-fit to get the overall structural support design finalized and the second to add additional revisions and interior wall openings.

Dollhouse Laser Cut Fronts Done

The house fronts are done!  It felt great to move on from cardboard to wood assembly. I also managed to cut some window prototypes from cardboard too.   The material selection was a bit of an unexpected turn but I'm pleased with how these pieces came together.  Read on to learn how it all came together and what I've been up to these last couple of weeks!

Dollhouse Cardboard Prototype Complete

A few weeks later and the majority of the structural design has been completed. I still need to get the roof right, but otherwise, the overall look and structural components are finished.  I knew it was going to be large, but I was still surprised at the size!  Today I've included some photos of my design progression and a size comparison of this house with my other two dollhouses.