26 Jun 2018

Dollhouse Miniatures Magazine Feature

Hi everyone, a little update while I work on my next blog post.  I just received my copy of the Dollhouse Miniatures magazine in the mail and I'm excited to share my 2017 Creatin Contest entry, the Belmont dollhouse, has been featured!   I'm so humbled to be included alongside some other incredibly talented miniaturists in this issue.

9 Jun 2018

Construction Continued

A little update on the dollhouse for you this weekend.  It's been slow going because I (as usual) decided to re-cut everything to get the design right.  (And I mean every single piece!)  The house is a little wider now by about 3 inches to better fit the interior stairway and I replaced all the thinner mdf with 1/4 inch.

The front porch and the chimney are new exterior additions.  I'm almost tempted to put in another dormer on the third floor but I don't know exactly where it would go with the exterior design.