19 Aug 2013

Miniature Kitchen: Upper Cabinets

March 2018: Please note this page needs to be updated and is missing information.  I hope to to have a new tutorial up soon.  If you have questions in the meantime feel free to contact me!

My custom 1:12 kitchen is moving right along with the front of the upper cabinets completed.  These six pane doors have been quite a challenge but are worth every effort.


I have so much extra glue on the panes!  Thankfully it comes off with some water.

In other updates, I bought a farmers faucet on ebay last week only to have it arrive too small!  I'm using the Elf Miniatures DIY faucet for now and I really like its modern look so it might stay.  The sink needs a drain but the porcelain finish is complete.

Now what to do about knobs?   I've attached some wooden ones that I got from Elf.  I'm not entirely convinced. My bf has suggested that I order the same knobs as used on the bottom two drawers of the Elf oven with a chrome finish.  I do like that idea.  And with that in mind I was thinking of borrowing from the oven again and using a similar pull bar on the dishwasher panel/cabinet rather then the metal plate with buttons.

And so my cabinets are almost already for paint!  I'm nervous of letting go of the beautiful wood finish.  Do I stain or paint?

You can see the mess this all has created.  Minis and mini related items are filling up my small room.  Here's a peek at what is slowly happening in the room beside the kitchen:

In my last post I mentioned that I walked away with two similar but different wing chairs by Bespaq in a recent mini shopping trip.  I was fortunate to have family visiting in the area and pick up two more matching chairs to complete the set.  In the end it turned out to be a good mistake. The white sofa in the image is from the tutorial I have here  , but I have a navy walnut Bespaq sofa on its way too, so exciting!  The room is large so it needs lots of furniture.
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2 Aug 2013

Let's Eat! A Mini Kitchen Haul

I have never had so much fun shopping for food.