24 Feb 2018

Miniature Faux Stone Veneer Tutorial

Looking to add some style and texture to your modern dollhouse?  Stone veneer and siding is a great alternative to miniature bricks and still gives you lots of options for colour and application.  It can be used in both your interior and exterior while covering any little dollhouse cracks and joining points.  Best of all it's quick and easy to cut and paint.  So put those egg cartons aside for another project and get your hands on a sheet of cork!

15 Feb 2018

Belmont Dollhouse Announcement!

I'm thrilled to announce the Belmont house placed 3rd in the 2017 HBS Creatin Contest!  I'm so honoured! I want to thank every one again for all your encouragement and kind words the last couple of weeks.  You all have been the best!!  And a big thank you to HBS miniatures! I was just amazed at all the entries and honestly don't know how the judges decided.  Personally I thought some of the honourable mentions could have won the grand prize!  I've been so eager to see who won the other top spots, and they did not disappoint!

9 Feb 2018

Making Mini Food Giveaway Winner!

There were 58 enteries and lots of great mini-food ideas!  The thing that surprised me most was that the majority of things that were suggested are actually available in the book!  Sushi, seafood, desserts...

3 Feb 2018

Belmont House Interior

Today we're touring the Belmont dollhouse interior! Everything from my custom made miniature kitchen, living spaces, bedroom and bath, and the little features in each.  This is mostly a pictorial post, but I have included some details on my building process and tips.