20 Apr 2015

Modern Loft Series: Custom Windows

The very first thing I start with when making a room or scene is the window placement.  How many and what kind of view?  While shooting several different sets with modern miniatures I've learned that the window is always what brings the most lifelike illusion to the photograph. I've also learned that custom handmade wood windows are extremely tedious and difficult to make! (I applaud all you who have mastered that art!)  You might remember in my loft series I made these really large windows.  

11 Apr 2015

Rise and Shine: The Contemporary Miniature Bathroom

With only hours to spare I completed my entry for the 3Dminihouse contest for Shapeways last night.  It had me thinking of my last late-night contest build.  It was a bit of a mad dash as my delivery from Shapeways arrived on Wednesday, 2 days before deadline!  :D  I'm so glad I knew I wasn't the only one working away so close to the finish which kind of made it a little more fun and a lot less panic.

2 Apr 2015

Something Done, Something New

I've finished the wall of windows for the kitchen.  I was really surprised with just how well it works, lots of light and great views to the outside. It makes the kitchen look even bigger then it already is!  These double doors will eventually lead out onto a deck.  I am also going to add a third window beside the fridge on the left wall to match the spacing of this new finished wall.