29 Oct 2013

Kitchen Island Tutorial

Today's post is a step by step tutorial on making a miniature island.  The design includes a breakfast bar, a working set of drawers, and space at the ends for optional shelves or design elements.  My design is based on this real-life kitchen island here.

12 Oct 2013

Happy Mini Canadian Thanksgiving!

Nothing says goodbye to the warm memories of summer like Thanksgiving weekend at the cottage.  A cozy fire, the putting away of docks and boats and one last family dinner overlooking the lake.  This post is definitely inspired by the fall scenery here.

5 Oct 2013

A Place For the Dishes!

Hi Everyone,
Another piece has fit into place in my kitchen puzzle.

I love these new transparent shelves in the upper cabinets!  They allow just enough light to filter through down to the bottom.

After getting the right plastic it took me weeks to find the right tool to cut it.  My bf got the plastic as a sample at Home Depot (for free!) and then after trial and error went back and got cut them into strips.  They also suggested this plastic cutter and it worked really well.

I built little runners to place the shelves on.

I also decided to test out some lighting options in the kitchen these past two weeks too.  I had some mini Christmas lights from the Dollarstore from a few years ago.  Essentially they are 3mm LEDs tied together to a battery pack.  Its a short-term solution, something to help me visualize what it will look like.

Some things haven't gone as smoothly. The glossy counter you see will have to be re-done.  The clear acrylic gloss I used to spray it bubbled.  I've realized painting miniatures is not my forte.

Then I  tried out the hinges on the upper cabinets. Basically they are bent thin pieces of metal. The problem is that the window front bows out from the cabinet.

Back to the drawing board!  I'm going to get some magnets from the Dollarstore today to try out.

My real life  was very busy this past week and once again I find myself at the cottage, far far away from my minis.  That said I've been working on the blog (notice the domain change?) and obsessing over whether to join up with the Undersized Urbanite challenge. (After I finish this kitchen of course!)
I'd love to have another small project on the go to work on when I run into issues with the big house.   The best part would be linking up with a bunch of fun and talented miniaturists.  I'm thinking a 4 room (living, kitchenette, bed and bath) modern structure.  The contest runs for 7 months so lots of time to link up.  You can check it out here, its run by Little Victorian.