13 May 2013

The Modern Kitchen Teaser

I'm just so excited to share!  I feel like I've had so little to post this past week because I've been so busy getting things ready.  I visited my not-so-local hobby and model shop several times over the last few days getting the all right materials for my next project.

Here's a peek:

The back and sides are glued but the front is held on with masking tape for now.  I am going to attempt to cut out the doors so it looks seemless.  The top cabinets are going to be glass fronted with lights inside. I still have the window wall to do and I'll do a proper post once that's done and before I start on the finishes.  I still need to settle on a range hood as well... until then,

Thanks for visiting!

4 May 2013

DIY White Chippendale Couch

Ever wish your local home furniture and accessories store had miniature versions of all its furniture?  It seems like in the mini world there's either Victorian, Retro, or Contemporary with nothing really in between.  ...So out come the scissors and imagination.