Welcome to my blog!  I'm Kristine Hanna, a photographer and modern miniaturist living in Canada.  Paper Doll Miniatures is a blog to document my miniatures and connect with other mini makers.  I post 1-2 times a month about my projects and dollhouse builds.

I began my journey into miniatures while completing my BFA at the University of Ottawa.  I focused on photography and used miniatures extensively through my work.  My blog title 'Paper Doll' refers to the paper doll-like cut out of myself that I would use in my miniature scenes.

For the last 8 years, I have turned my attention to the handcrafting of miniatures for the collector.  I particularly like large luxury dollhouses with lots of space and modern interiors and furnishings.  I also use new technology like laser cutting and 3D printing in my work.  My blog allows me to show my progress and share my techniques with other miniaturists.  Please check out the gallery page to see my work.

Miniatures for me create a stage to layer illusion and whimsical narratives. It feels familiar and yet uncanny.

To learn more about my fine art prints, you can see more on my Official Artist Site
I have displayed my miniature photographs in a number of group and solo shows.