22 Jun 2019

Backyard Patio Retreat: Cushions and Backdrops

After putting together my reveal post last week, I realized I still had a few more photos I wanted to share from this patio project.  Today I'm giving a look at how I made the cushions for the patio furniture and the new backdrop I used for this shoot.

15 Jun 2019

Backyard Patio Retreat: The Reveal!

My miniature backyard patio retreat is now ready for summer!  I had a lot of fun creating this scene with pieces from Hobby Builders Supply and miniatures.com.  This is quintessential summer for me, outdoors, by the water and bright colours.  Day or night it's the perfect place to relax and hang out!

9 Jun 2019

Backyard Patio Retreat: Landscaping

One more week until the big reveal!  Today is a bit of a teaser because I don't want to give the whole scene away just yet.  I've got some behind the scene photos of how I got the planters ready and how I used the tree and flower materials from Hobby Builders Supply/ miniatures.com.  A few final touchups and I'll be ready to have you all over! 

1 Jun 2019

Backyard Patio Retreat: Lighting

Nothing adds magic to a miniature scene like lighting!  I've added two modern outdoor lighting options on my patio, including one that might surprise you...  Any guesses as to what these miniature deck lights are made from?

Drawer Pulls! Turns out these cute hardware pulls from miniatures.com don't just look great on your kitchen cabinets, they also have the perfect shape and style to direct the light down just like the real thing!  The patio now has the perfect glow!