11 Apr 2015

Rise and Shine: The Contemporary Bathroom

With only hours to spare I completed my entry for the 3Dminihouse contest for Shapeways last night.  It had me thinking of my last late-night contest build.  It was a bit of a mad dash as my delivery from Shapeways arrived on Wednesday, 2 days before deadline!  :D  I'm so glad I knew I wasn't the only one working away so close to the finish which kind of made it a little more fun and a lot less panic.

The faucet I designed and had printed actually turned out!  I can officially check 3D printing off my list of things to learn.  I printed it both in white strong flexible plastic and stainless steel.  I chose the stainless for the scene as it surprisingly rendered it extremely well and gives it a a bit of weight.  It has a pink undertone which was unexpected so the next time I might try sterling silver...but for now I'm really liking it's unique colour.  I also made vessel sink and another smaller faucet (not shown) and can see myself designing more elaborate pieces in the future.

Next to the faucet my favourite thing in this scene is the orchid plant! I've wanted one in miniature for a long time and knew this was the perfect scene to go for it. I got a real orchid, took measurements and then drew out 3 different petal shapes in photoshop (there is a great tutorial for cutting life size orchids here that helped). I brought them to the laser cutter and cut them out of regular sketching paper.  A little bit of coloured pencil in the centre, some wire, rolled up tissue, paint, and wood and volia!

Now let's talk that rain shower.  I was soooo close!  See the way the water looks to be going into the drain?  I had that at the top too and it broke too late into the build...    The invisible thread actually threads through a drain I made and out through out the bottom of the floor.  I will be revisiting this and taking another photo. I know it's possible to get the tension right so that it doesn't curve!

The towels were made with the help Studio E's fantastic tutorial using baby washcloths (I'm so glad you mentioned the baby onesies too Elizabeth!  I ended up using them since there were no white washcloths available.)  They look super warm and fluffy.

The shower panel is by Modern Dollhouse (I have so much on my wishlist from Marion's store!) and I tried to get the plastic to match the faucet, spraying it metallic gold and then dabbing silver. The moth orchid plant is sitting in the largest of the containers from ModernMiniFan's 6-piece Bath Collection, along with the matching tray, the box I used as a toothbrush holder and the makeup brush/lotion combo set. The tray is very pretty with the bit of edging on the sides.  I did have to cut my Re-ment 1:6 makeup brushes to fit the 1:12 scale but I think it was worth it!  The little stool is designed by Mini World Designs, I absolutely adore the shape and would love to have it made a little bigger so that it would be more of a chair for another scene.

If any of you are interested in a faucet like the one I made (or a smaller version) I'll put the files as available to print in a Shapeways shop.  I first have to clean up the disaster I made over the last two days across the house...miniature making explosion. Haha!  I'm looking forward to looking at all the entries, catching up on blogs and maybe getting some sleep?...have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Stunning! It looks awesome. Your tiles and floor tie it all together. And I am in love with your orchid. Sell some kits, I'd buy one!

  2. It's a beautiful build and well done for ticking designing for 3D printing off your list! I love the depth added by the images and lighting outside the windows :-D

  3. Fabulous entry. I agree the orchid is just perfect in this setting. Great job. You are very clever to have designed the faucet - your skills are certainly expanding. Love the little stool.

  4. I like your beautiful modern bathroom.

  5. OK..so this is real life..not miniature. I won't believe it unless I see a hand in there or like a bean with a hat on or a ant riding a catapillar...

    Just a gorgeous scene with amazing pieces! Your sink is amazing very kind of you to share!

  6. Your orchid is marvelous, so lifelike, and the shower idea is brilliant! :D

  7. Nice job, it looks fantastic. I love the faucet, please let us know when it's available to order.

  8. The bathroom looks absolutely fantastic!

  9. can you tell me where you got the toothbrush set from? looks so realistic... :-)

    1. Hi Marion, Aren't they great?! They are by Re-ment, a 1:6 scale company. These specific toothbrushes are part of the Puchi Drugstore Collection, #9. They are a rare find these days.... Do a search for "Re-ment Toothbrush" and you will see a couple of sets that Re-ment used to sell. I found a set on eBay eventually by checking often. Didn't see any there now but I'm sure they'll pop up again :)

    2. kristine, do you think that this is the right size?


      it says 1-2 inches which sounds a bit big for 1:12...

  10. I love your photos. Just browsing through your wonderful blog. So much fun. I love the baby towel tip…I'm so heading to grab a few!

  11. Can't wait to check out all the other post!!! Have a wonderful weekend.

    John Stolle



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