22 Mar 2017

CC2017: Structure Design

My small 'cabin' didn't stay small for long!

I've figured out my changes to the structure design and completed most of the base construction.  I just need to cut and frame out the many windows.  I've decided to go contemporary with concrete, wood, and glass.  I felt like a flat roof would be more suited to this style but I want to keep the essence of the kit as much as possible.  So it will be a mix of flat and angled roof lines.


I made some changes to the kit layout...  The right side wall now recessed and I took away the kit's porch. Instead I've cut out some living space to make room for a new porch and a new front.

And the whole thing might have increased in square footage...  easy to do when the floor slides out and you can slide in a new bigger piece ;)

I decided to add even more additional space to create an airy and open main living room.  One side features a separate room box with a bed and bath. The new rooms are a little smaller then I'd like... but I'm trying to keep this house from sprawling out!  They'll just have to do!

The planned layout is below:

Thankfully the whole building fits great on top the desk I have!

Update: Incase anyone else is questioning, I was just reassured that all the kit bashing is all okay :) Whew! Build away!

Hope your all having a great week!

4 Mar 2017

Change Up in the Studio! CC2017

I had grand plans for Valentine's day last month; a marble fireplace, a city view, and chocolates!  I knew I needed a new project to inspire me.  I recently read 10 Newbie Dollhouse Mistakes and How to Fix Them by Small House models and realized I'd actually made a bunch of them.  Building a huge dollhouse just wasn't helping my creativity and I needed something smaller. 

A room box seemed like a good bet, I've made plenty before.  I always remember foam board being an easy go-to material for building... but I guess my love of modern interiors and the precision of MDF has changed me.  I just couldn't seem to get my cuts square or straight without wallpapering the entire thing.

This is as far as the scene got before I left it.  I loved the fireplace but the large windows to the left (no shown) just weren't fitting together.

After four weeks I decided it was time to move on.  I took a previous room box I'd made and outfitted it into a studio of sorts just to keep me busy (looks nothing like my workspace in real life because it's way too tidy!) I added a mini paper version of the room box I had been working on using my Silhouette Portrait (electronic paper cutter machine) along with some pieces from a 1:24 farmhouse kit. The light and tripod are based off of Pepper's tutorial here!

That night I sat down at the computer and finally decided it was time to buy a pre-fab dollhouse kit.

And not just any house, a smaller house!

I loved the HBS Craftman Cabin the moment I saw it months ago.  It's the first small dollhouse I've really liked enough to even consider buying.  As much as I love designing my own spaces from scratch and using the laser cutter I am so excited to have something I know I will be able to complete in a reasonable amount of time and has a build plan.  That said...  it sure won't look like the kit for long!

Hope you're all having a great weekend!  Please let me know if you're doing this kit too, I'd love to follow along!

PS:  I was left speechless at how quickly this dry-fit went.  I have never experienced such easy miniature construction in my life.  No wonder people love kits!!  THE WINDOWS LITERALLY GLIDE IN.


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