21 Jan 2017

Dining Room: Winter View

Can you just imagine eating breakfast here every morning with that view?  I usually shy away from the cold but this landscape was too pretty to pass up spending some time with.

It's encouraging to share these progress pictures.  Sometimes it feels like the to-do lists are never ending.  For this dining side I've got to add plexi for the windows, some trim details and a light fixture left to go. The floor and windows are what took the longest. 

 The chairs are upholstered Bespaq and the table is a sawed off candle stick bottom with a round top.  You might remember what this wall of windows looked like before and during assembly:

I don't think I'll be staying snowed in forever.  I'm leaning towards a cityscape but I don't know if it fits.  Where in the world will this house be located?!

Thanks so much for checking in.  I ended up focusing on other non-miniature related projects for 2016.  I've missed creating and following along with all your projects!  I'm starting to assemble a new living space room build which will allow for more creativity with pop up scenes. I'm itching to work on a space other then a kitchen!

Here's to a happy and creative New Year!



20 Jan 2017

This isn't what I was planning...

While working on a new blog post I somehow got a little too click happy and managed to delete all my pictures off my blog.


Great start to 2017.

So I'll be back with new posts (and all the old ones)...  This just wasn't what I'd hoped to start off with.


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