The (Big) House

Current Rooms:

The Kitchen


Living Room
coming soon...

This house has been years in the making. I have sketch books filled with floor-plans and exterior renderings with ever changing layouts and rooms. I have to say designing a dollhouse from scratch has been very difficult, and I've realized that I'm no architect. With every plan I came up with I had a problem. Firstly, two floors didn't offer enough room, second, a 360 house only offered views into the interior walls (no looking out the windows from the inside unless the house was a huge "L" shape) and third, the bigger I went the heavier it would be.  What to do?

Finally in December 2012 I visited one of my favourite shops, The Little Dollhouse Company in Toronto and figured out a plan. I had seen their large Italianate house but never knew it split down the middle! Problem solved! Well... almost!  Building a dollhouse from scratch means that I can customize the design, and then continue to customize it, and customize it some more, so that I never actually settle down and build. Do I suddenly think I need another cabinet in the kitchen? I'll just scrap the right side and move out the wall another inch...!  But enough was enough.  After figuring out the dimensions needed for my custom kitchen I've been able to finalize my plans.

1st Floor Paperdollminiatures

2nd Floor Paperdollminiatures

3rd Floor Paperdollminiatures

The only thing left to plan is the exterior. I know I want a modern dollhouse, but I'm not too sure how contemporary I'd like to go. For example, the Modern Classic;

Classic Contemporary Paperdollminiatures

Or the Contemporary; which features lots of added lines and components.

Contemporary House Paperdollminiatures

Both images are essentially the same with three stories of windows for the stairway and the door to the left. It's just the composition of windows and architectural elements.

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