16 Jul 2014

Loft Series: The Sofa

The first of my loft 'how I did it' series, this sofa was simple to make and uses craft tools and materials which are easy to find.  I mentioned previously that this sofa was inspired by this real life version. In a web full of sofa how-tos I hope some of you might find these tips and tricks helpful especially if you are daunted by power tools and wood.  I make all my miniatures in a small corner of my bedroom and sometimes the idea of getting out lots of wood and making a big mess keeps me from getting around to actually making things.

This sofa method is a great way to make a piece from scratch without buying a kit.  And it requires no sewing!  I used foam board, foam sheets and fabric to cover the sofa. Instead of using glue or sewing I used iron-on adhesive fleece, adhesive fabric sheets, and fusible hemming tape.   The adhesive fleece, fabric sheets and fusible web are all optional but create smooth seamless edges and surface. You could use glue instead and still have a nice sofa, I just prefer working with these and I like the look they give. They can be found at big box stores, or fabric, quilting and craft stores.  You can also purchase a mini craft iron at many of these places too.  I have used this method before on the blog and have really liked the results.

It's a long post! So lets get started!


To begin you will need to start with a piece of foam board (typically 3/16"), cut to the desired shape of your sofa.  I chose an "L".

Next using a thick sturdy foam sheet (1/2" thick), cut out the back and sides. Notice how the arm rest on the end of the right side does not reach the very front.


I decided to add a layer of adhesive fleece before adding my fabric. It not only adds a bit more softness but also covers the edges and seams creating a uniform white layer for my fabric to go on top of.  If you are using a dark fabric to cover your sofa you might be able to skip this step.

Be very very gentle!  The foam will melt if you apply to much pressure with your craft iron. If it melts down a bit add another layer to build it back up.  This will be covered with your fabric later.  Not a big problem.  I found it mostly happened on the front.

I did not add fleece to the bottom of the seat or the underside of the sofa.

Now its time to add your fabric of choice.  I used an off-white linen.  It is not very thick which is why having the fleece underneath helps.


Start by taking a piece of fabric adhesive sheet.  These are very inexpensive for quite a sizeable amount.  Cut out enough to cover the section you are covering on the couch.  Place the paper covered side up and iron the surface to adhere the glue to the fabric.

Peel pack the paper backing and cut out the piece of fabric.

There are 6 sections of fabric to cover this sofa.  Sections 1, 4, and 5 cover the inside of the sofa and continue over the arm rest onto the back. I didn't really take a lot of pictures of this so I have made the diagram below.

Lightly press with your craft iron.

To cover the arm fronts (sections 2 & 3) you first adhere the fabric on the front like below:

Then add sections 4 & 5 overtop (as described with the green):


Cut out cushion bases out of foam board. I decided on two cushions.

I chose to add layers of quilt batting to make my cushions. I decided on 6 layers of quilt batting according to the thickness I had, remember they flatten once the fabric is secured on top.  NOTE: You could just double or triple the foam board to build up your cushion, it would just be more solid.



Boxed corners for some reason were rather difficult to get right. To start I adhered the two ends using hemming fusible tape which was easy to work with.  I'm sure you could use glue too.

  The next step is a little more complicated.  It took much trial an error to get the fold right.

Shew! Are you lost? It takes some practice before you get the 'ah ha' moment.  I used more fusible hemming tape to secure, but I'm sure glue would work just fine.


I went to the craft store and got some beads on sale, they are a crescent shape in a chrome colour and I used hot glue to adhere them.

I hope you enjoyed that.  I'm really pleased with how it turned out and still am amazed at how incredibly light-weight it is.  Not to mention how comfy the cushions are with all the padding!  I added pillows from my own collection (I might make some in the matching fabric later on).

After the last couple of days I've had, I want to close with this.  My only wish with running this blog is to have fun and share with others as I am learning!  And at the same time I love learning from all of you.  Please feel free to share this tutorial, make your own sofa and apply any or all the techniques to make things that are even more awesome :)  (And while I'm on the topic, my images have a watermark because I truly have found it helps me when I see other blogger's images floating on the web and can see where to find its matching blog, otherwise I really don't care so much about my name being on them)  In the end I really just enjoy making minis! I am so thankful for the people I've met just by way of a few sentences left in the comments after a post. Your willingness to share and in some very special cases go out of their way to help me has meant more then I can say.
xo Kristine

5 Jul 2014

Giveaway Winner

This morning I woke up extra early and took the time to print and cut out all the comments from my giveaway post.  I put them all in a big bag and shook them all around, then gave my boyfriend the honour of reaching in and selecting the special one. It was actually a lot of fun :)

And the winner is...  Elizabeth S over at Studio E Miniatures!

Congratulations!  If you would email me at paperdollminis [@] gmail.com with your shipping address, I will send out the prize :)

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by and entered!  I'm slowly starting to explore each of your blogs.  I'm off to a wedding this weekend but I have a tutorial lined up to share in the next couple of days. Until then, have a great weekend!



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