7 Sep 2014

Late Summer

Another season of sitting lakeside is coming to an end.  Its always bittersweet to prepare the cottage for fall.
I couldn't resist picking up these great chairs from Hallmark, a card and gift shop here.  Apparently fairy gardens are becoming very popular and I've seen a few craft and gift stores carrying miniature outdoor furniture, tiny glass globes, landscaping and garden tools.

I love how the liquid shines in these wine glasses.  In reality we prefer ice tea or lemonade at the end of the dock but somehow I've never added those drinks to my mini collection... I'm pretty sure having glasses of lemonade is like miniature collecting 101 isn't it?  Somehow I missed that so of course I had to spend a rather embarrassing amount of time looking at miniature drinks online...  Can I just say how much I love the iced tea sets by Everyday Gourmet on Etsy?
Thankfully I finished taking my photos just as the sky began to downpour.  The others on the boat were not so lucky...
I know I've been quiet around here as I took a bit of a minis break but I'm hoping to start blogging again and working on a few projects.  I did make some new photo studio lights a couple of weeks ago which I look forward to showing you all sometime soon... until then xo


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