21 Nov 2015

Unpacking and My Workspace Reveal

HI! I'm still here!  Just hidden behind these boxes! I decided to move in September and had to put everything on hold.  I'm so very sorry for the sudden departure.  It was an unexpected opportunity and I could not be happier!  

My last workspace looked like a giant heap of rubble with a tiny 2' patch of carpet to sit on and create.  It was an overwhelming mess. I knew it was going to be a big investment but if I didn't do something I'd have to pack up everything and put it all in storage. So my challenge was to design a workspace without losing a bedroom in the process.

I couldn't find very many guest-room/craft spaces online so I thought I'd share a bit of what I've done to give some inspiration to those who might be interested, or stuck, or buried.  For me, half the battle of making miniatures is figuring out where to keep everything!  The work space is essentially an "L" shape around the perimeter of the room.

Unlike my last space where I could barely see the floor, things are stored neatly with two tables, one desk with scrapbooking paper storage cubes, two "garage style" wire shelving units, and a lot of storage boxes and drawer units. My polymer clay, tools, tech, paints and fabric are stored in large plastic bins on the lower shelves and my furniture, food, Re-ment pieces are stored in the coloured cardboard boxes along with paper, plexi sheets and photo accessories.  The Alex unit under the dollhouse stores large photo backdrops, flooring, foam board and extra large paper.  I might also have gotten two cans of gold spray paint and glitz'd some of the pieces up...  

Ikea had these great boxes as part their TJENA line. Perfect for storing chairs, sofas, tables and other pieces that could easily roll around.   I prefer having my minis on display but it often leads to falls and breakage so putting them in boxes is a much safer bet.  (I've got some nice labels to replace the stickies eventually).

The boxes come in a variety of colours and the smallest size includes dividers.  I was able to spilt each box up to best fit the furniture.

As for my 1:12 space - the kitchen is officially painted!  I picked out a dark grey (Behr: Intellectual) for the walls, and settled on a cabinet colour (Martha Stewart: Cobblestone).  Things had veered too far into looking like a traditional farmhouse and I needed to bring it back into the modern style. What's that?  I've painted the cabinets 3 times now?? HIDE THE PAINT BRUSHES!
Now that the boxes are being put away I'm starting up again. It's definitely much more motivating to work when you have a proper space! 


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