28 Feb 2017

Breathe Magazine

Some fun news to share! At the end of last year I was asked to contribute some photos for an article in the UK lifestyle magazine Breathe.  The author, Karen Bamford, described what a lot of us enjoy about the hobby, creating and designing things on a smaller scale that we might not get a chance to do in real life.   It's so great to see a focus on modern miniatures and the different approaches people take to create.  There are several other miniaturists work and their shops featured too.

I had a laugh at Karen's suggestion that as a miniaturist she also fills the roles of frustrated interior designer and unqualified architect!  I could not agree more!  Honestly sometimes these projects feel as crazy as though they were life size.  I'm always struggling to learn so much more then just the pretty decor stuff!  Especially the architecture and building construction side.   

Update:  I found the Instagrams of the other miniaturists featured and their feeds are just row after row of modern mini eye candy!  Check out: @onebrownbear, @minipropertydeveloper, @mostlyminiature, @fourlittlewalls, and @mad_missy_minis!

It's a great magazine for inspiring creativity and next issue is out March 9, so if your in the UK and at your local supermarket, check it out before then! :)   

As for the other good news... did you notice the full size picture of the kitchen above?  It was taken back in December for the article, before the flooring was finished, but its great to be able to finally show the kitchen looking mostly done.  Which leads me to finish with....

I'm so so so excited to say this should be my last kitchen post for awhile! I've got a new big project coming in the mail! It's finally arrived in Canada as of today so I'm hoping it will make it to my door later this week.  I'm currently editing up some photos of a scene I made for February and that should be up this weekend along with revealing my plans.  Hurry up mail delivery, there is only so much Pinterest'ing I can do!

Hope you are all having a great week!


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