Mini Challenge: Welcome Home Party

Surprise! We're having a party! After post upon post of my miniature kitchen progress I thought it would be fun to take a break this week and do something different.

Mandy at Mini Modern Mind had a summer challenge to celebrate her birthday (happy birthday Mandy!) the rules were that either you created a scene prior or after a holiday and with the destination somewhere visible in the scene.  What perfect timing!  I've already got the vacation bug and it's only September, take me away!

I really wanted to do a Bon Voyage party but after getting everything set up I realised my accessories were better suited to a welcome home party instead. I started out from scratch, building the frame of the room from foam board, choosing the wallpaper (scrap-booking paper - surprisingly a first for me), and then the floors (again scrap-booking paper!).  I chose a preppy green, I always seem to opt for bright coloured walls in my minis.

I made the black suitcase from scratch using materials from the dollar store (felt, ribbon, tiny car wheels!).  The map, gift boxes and photos were all found online and then put together by me.  It was a lot of fun finding everything relating to my destination. I was inspired to have my homeowners go on a Memterrianian cruise after I received a promotional email from a travel site.  It just looked so warm and like it would be the perfect getaway with lots to see and do.

It's always so much fun to find gifts for people while away and then come home and share how and where you got it.

What I liked about the map was it showed where you would fly into and out of to board the boat.  I did really enjoy putting this together, it looked like an amazing holiday and I'm little envious of these little people.

Hope you all are enjoying your week!  Its really great to think that while I'm here in Canada some of you reading this are actually where my mini holiday location is!

Pink Suitcase, Wine, Glasses are Re-ment, Louis Vuitton Purse, Notebook and Designer gift bags are DollhouseAra, Canon Camera is Photojojo (discontinued?), Pillows are Gloiberry, Chairs, Ottoman and Elephant are Reac Japan, Ipad and Modern Wall Clock are LiLu

*New: Mandy has extended the challenge until the end of September go check it out!


  1. I love all the shopping bags they brought back. Looks like it was a grand vacation!

  2. Thank you! Yes they definitely had a fabulous holiday ;)


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