Happy Mini Canadian Thanksgiving!

Nothing says goodbye to the warm memories of summer like Thanksgiving weekend at the cottage.  A cozy fire, the putting away of docks and boats and one last family dinner overlooking the lake.  This post is definitely inspired by the fall scenery here.

The kitchen didn't progress that much this week.  I'm waiting for several packages to come in the mail; knobs for the cabinets, magnets to hold the door fronts on - and a totally unrelated but very exciting - Eames Recliner chair by Reac Japan.  Still, my kitchen looked so neglected.

Time for a mini scene!  After showing my miniature collection to a friend I was reminded of all my harvest items I got over the summer like the squash, pumpkin, apples and potatoes.  I set them up on the makeshift island in the kitchen with some other accessories and punched out some colourful leaves.

I'm off to bake a pie before the kitchen becomes one big turkey frenzy.  I hope you all have a great weekend!