Summer Send-off

Spent the last weekend of summer 2017 by the lake.  The balmy weather meant sitting dockside complete with hammock naps and barbeques, just soaking up the sunshine.

Perfect time to break out the miniatures!

I got a bunch of these pieces during my last trip to The Little Dollhouse Company in August.  I knew I wanted the hammock since it looks just like our life-size one!

I love the details on the barbeque!  It doesn't come with any sort of stand so while making a dock out of popscile sticks, I created a base for it to sit in.
Some soda cans in ice.

The fire pit was a new find in the miniature section of Michaels. Perfect for after the sun sets.

Hope you are all doing well!  I've been so focused on trying to get my build together that I haven't been in blogland much.  The deadline is getting super close.  It's all still very boring, structure stuff and design files.   I do post occasional updates on my Instagram @paperdollminiatures (also at the bottom of my site) if you are interested.  Should be back with more to share very soon!


  1. once again, this looks so realistic that I had to look twice! only tha can tops gave it away...
    you are incredible :-)

  2. Beautiful! I love the sun setting scene...longing for the beach...sigh.

  3. Now I just want to sit and dangle my feet in the water. Looks idyllic.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, love your work. Enjoy the Fall weather....:)

  5. Idyllic Kristine and Amazingly realistic too!

    p.s. I've enjoyed 2 of those juicy hamburgers on display and they were Delicious! ;D

  6. The fire-pit adds the perfect touch, and I love the cans on ice. How'd you make the ice? Did you buy it pre-made?

    Best of luck with your deadline!

  7. Magnificent setting! I really had to look twice to be sure it wasn't RL size! The hammock looks perfect by the water.... and the food looks delicious! I can smell the sizzle and hear the canoe paddles on the water...... *sigh*

  8. Don't end summer! These photos are superb! We need more magazines to submit great photos like these to.

  9. Smashing! I seriously had to look three times and read your entry to realise this is miniatures. I was looking at that first picture thinking wow.. Kristine makes really elaborate burgers and set up the scene on her dock so well for this photo.. LOL.
    Great job! The most realistic mini scene I've had the pleasure to view in quite a while.

  10. Thank you so much everyone!! Wish you all could have joined me ;) It was nice to change things up with a scene

    @Elizabeth yes those burgers are from the same batch I made for the contest :)
    @Alexa the ice came in the little bucket... they kind of look like beads. You can buy miniature looking ice cubes :)
    @BlueprintMinis haha! Only in miniature!


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