Making Mini Food Giveaway Winner!

There were 58 enteries and lots of great mini-food ideas!  The thing that surprised me most was that the majority of things that were suggested are actually available in the book!  Sushi, seafood, desserts...

A big thank you to everyone who entered!  Here we go!
 Congratulations Evelien from @oneformini_oneforme on Instagram!
Again, thanks everyone for commenting and participating!  You can still check out Making Mini Food by Lynn Allingham at your local bookstore or online!


  1. Thank you Kristine once more for this great giveaway and congratulations Evelien!

  2. How exciting...congratulations to winner of this fantastic new publication

  3. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!! My Congratulations to Evelien! :D

  4. Congratulations Evelien, and thank you Kristine! It was fun to participate.

  5. Congratulations to the winner! I love Lynn Allingham's tutorials in the Dollhouse & Miniature Scene magazine, so I bought the book!


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