Backyard Patio Retreat: The Reveal!

My miniature backyard patio retreat is now ready for summer!  I had a lot of fun creating this scene with pieces from Hobby Builders Supply and  This is quintessential summer for me, outdoors, by the water and bright colours.  Day or night it's the perfect place to relax and hang out!

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Did you miss a post leading up to this big reveal?
The Base
Fence, Pavers, and Pool
Deck Lighting

Now let's get on to this tour while there is still daylight... the table is set with some kebobs and what I think is tomato juice...

Did you notice the new addition to the patio furniture?  I think the cushions add a little bit of softness to this wicker set which really gives them a more realistic look.  I made them with foam board and fabric (and I'll post a quick tutorial next week!)  

Now for the plants!  I changed things up a bit since my last landscaping post, but the methods are all still the same.   The Garden Growies ended up being one of my favourite parts of the entire scene, they give that bright and colourful garden look I was after.  I used tweezers to add some final big pieces of coloured "fluff" to the top of each bush at the end for the most impact.

The Garden Delights grass/bushes were moved to the stand-alone planters because I felt that the Autumn colour palette I got might be nicer to switch around depending on the season.  (These bushes come in 3 colour variations).  I did double them up to get extra height.

Another favourite of mine ended up being these white mum "flower spots".  After putting them in my planters I realized the white blooms didn't quite show off as well with my white planter bases. However, the nice thing about these bushes is that the flower tops are easily removable and pop off.  I decided to mix it up and on two of the bushes, I added my own colourful flowers (just like Elizabeth's geraniums, although these look a bit more like hydrangeas) .  The leaves are a great scale and the height is perfect!

Lots of accessories have been added throughout now. We need a garden hose for sure, I don't expect much rain here in 1:12!  I'll have o water everything myself!

And we can't forget to take another look at this pool!  The ripple water sheet catches the light with or without LEDs.

And just like that, the sun has gone down!


I think this scene gave me the best of both worlds.  I tend to like a lot of DIY elements and the plants, trees and patio furniture really gave me a chance to customize my overall look, but had the big bonus of speeding up my crafting time!   I can't wait to create more scene setups with this roombox in the future and can see that this is going to be the perfect addition to my collection going forward.

What now?  I want to share some photos of the patio furniture cushions next week and some of my behind the scenes photos of my backdrop set up for this shoot, like the paper photo I used and the bushes, lighting etc.  And then it's time to get back to my transitional dollhouse, time to get that third floor and roof up!

I hope you all have enjoyed this series!  I want to give a big thank you to Hobby Builders Supply and for helping me put together this project.  I've found some new mini favourites along the way.

If something caught your eye you can find the link to it in the list below!  Don't forget has 25% off your purchase until June 21 with the code WHP3908 (more details on their site homepage).

Patio Furniture:
Braided Wicker Ottoman (shorter and wider)
Wicker Ottoman (beside the hose)
Lounge Chair
High Top Dining Table and Chairs

Sunrise Tulips
Evergreen Squeeze Me Style:
Round Bushes Big and Small
4 inch tall trees
Grass Sheet
Garden Delights 
Garden Growies
White Mum "Flower Spot"

Watering Can
Garden Hose
Pitcher and Glasses (mine has some questionable tomato juice in it)
Basket (the one with the towel in it by the pool)
Water Glasses
Square Tapered Planters

Building Parts:
Drawer Pulls (Stair Lights)
Ripple Water Sheet (Pool)


  1. What a fun project. Your outdoor scene is such a nice departure from the usual room box. Your design and craftsmanship are very impressive; it is impossible to say what part I like the most. I enjoyed following your whole process Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much Sherrill! I never would have thought to do an outdoor roombox, but I can tell I'll use it a lot in the future for scenes!

  2. This is stunning darl and what a fabulous idea! I particularly love the wooden decking and fencing. So real =) And I read your post about the drawer pull lighting a few weeks ago and thought that was just ingenious.

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed the series, makes it all worth while!

  3. How I love your patio, everything is perfect (from the landscaping to all the details like the cushions) and at night with the lights on it's amazing.

    1. Thank you Genevieve! It's really great to have the night time option. Changes the whole scene!

  4. I've been catching bits of this build whilst on hoilday and loved every part of it. It's gorgeous Kristine! The lights!!! A favourite of mine and such a realistic addition. The whole scene is beautifully put together :)

    1. Thank you Pepper! I was a little worried for a bit when I couldn't figure out the landscaping, but then it just came together at the end. I'm so glad you love it too. :)

  5. Oh it's gorgeous. And what a lovely patio for your house. Now your mini home owners can go relax and get away from the construction zone and take a refreshing dip in the pool.

    I love the flowers and how you changed them up. I'll have to remember that trick!

    1. Thanks Sheila, definitely time to relax! I think this was the quickest build I've ever done and it wasn't for lack of work. Couldn't be happier though, the landscaping came together for me at the end. It had been a challenge. And speaking of a construction zone, the amount of vacuuming those garden growie fluff pieces everywhere... lol. Thanks again for all your encouragement and support :)

  6. Awesome. I have a flat spot on the roof of my Federal house (aka widow's walk). I've been looking at awesome things to do. I hope to use some of your elements on it. Thanks.

    1. Thank you! I love mini roof top garden patios! I had originally thought of doing that with this one too. Are you still posting? I've visited your blog but didn't see any recent posts for the last couple of years. I'll have to check social media for you there, I'd love to follow along!

  7. Fabulous detail, everything is just perfect and soooooo inviting,

    1. Thank you! I'm so happy you get the relaxing vibe too.

  8. Oh Kristine! You have created a masterpiece! The lighting methods you came up with are extraordinarily creative and the results look amazing! Your willingness to take on things you weren't quite familiar or comfortable with says so much about what kind of artist you are! I know by doing this series you have given so many folks the confidence to try your methods and achieve something amazing themselves! This backyard scene is incredible, and has surely spurred many to pursue their own creative ideas. HBS is such a treasure to our community, and they definitely made the right choice in choosing you to create this inspiring and instructional project! Well done, and I hope this will become part of the big house project in the future!

  9. Maravillo e impresionante!!! atrapa la mirada desde cualquier ángulo,se ve esplendoroso,una creación extraordinaria!!!!

  10. You did a magnificent job! I for one would be happy to spend my summer days in a backyard retreat as beautiful and relaxing as this! I especially love the lighting.

  11. Amazing!!! When can I move in?

  12. Most enjoyable. Thanks for sharing!


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