Garden Villa Roombox

Warmer days call for outdoor living! I've partnered up with Hobby Builders Supply and to furnish and decorate my new outdoor kitchen and garden villa roombox. Everything is linked at the end of this post!

This mini garden villa has a big outdoor kitchen for entertaining and a nice patio space in the sun.  I blended a bit of a contemporary style with a rustic look, combining stone and wood elements throughout.  Two shelves that line the far wall are filled with lots of accessories, dishes and plants.  Because the structure is so neutral and had a lot of light grey tones I made sure to add pops of colour with plants and food.  I always love using glassware to decorate and I find has a great selection, even these plastic wine and water glasses look fabulous lined up on the shelf!  Over the years I've collected their coloured glass too, like the green vase and pitcher here.  The tiny little succulents were the perfect filler and added some pops of green too.

The barbeque is from my last roombox scene but I managed to make it glow a bit brighter this year by combining 5 5mm leds!

The biggest design influence for this project was the collection of terra cotta planters I got.  I wanted a scene that would compliment and allow them to stand out.  The olive jar on the floor also has this rustic look which helped me pick the stone floor shade.  Speaking of the floor it's a castle block pattern sheet I've whitewashed with grout and paint, I did the same technique on the cinder block backsplash sheet too.  The countertops are printed paper that has been modge podged to the cabinets I created.  (A new flat-front style for me this time!)

I also used the wicker ottomans on one side of the table instead of a bench.  I saw that on Pinterest and loved it!   

The little margaritas just say summer to me!

A big feature of this build is the fireplace.  It has a faux concrete finish (again using modge podge) with acrylic panes to see through both spaces.  I used the Fire Flaming Embers piece and it was the quickest fire I have ever done!  I added an extra 1mm flickering led light along with the one it came with to give it a bit more realism.  I love the way everything still feels open and connected.

For the outdoor patio, I began by spray painting the settee and coffee table black.  It instantly transformed them into more modern takes on the wicker style.  I made a cushion from foam board and fabric and added two pillows from my collection.  The settee might be my favourite piece of the build!   For the planters, I mixed some plastic pieces I had with florals from my previous outdoor roombox. 

To complete the look I used the long hedge at the back to give the patio a boundary without needing a wall.

And to finish here are some shots to show scale just for fun!  

As always a big thanks to Hobby Builders Supply and for contributing minis towards this scene!

Links to everything are listed below!  Remember some things I've altered with paint like the settee, coffee table, and urn.



Terra-Cotta Planters in various sizes

Glass Juicer

Tiny Green Pitcher

Earthware Urns

Square Succulant Platter

Trio of Succulants

Ribbed Wine Glasses

Water Glasses

Glass Vase

Large Olive Jar (on Floor)


Premium Margarita
Potato Chips

Cheese Board

Salt and Pepper


Squeeze Me Evergreen Hedge


Fire Flaming Embers

Other pieces: 
Chandelier and faucet are in my Shapeways shop 
BBQ is Router Poreclain (now Discountinued) 
Flowering plants are by Artisan Petite Fleur Minis
Flooring (Castle Block Stone) and Backsplash (cinder block) are from Model Builders Supply
Tree is a bonsai style tree from a home goods store


  1. Lovely. You have such a knack for styling your scenes. I’d love a place like that in real life as we tiptoe back to seeing friends and family.

  2. ¡Me encanta! Está perfecto.

  3. What a wonderful and inspiring scene, you are always so good at finding the perfect accessories and furniture. I amire your work.

    1. Thank you Genevieve! It helps the longer you go on making minis and your hoarding piles grow ;)

  4. Where did you get the outdoor grill piece? Love this whole look.

    1. Hi, it's Router Porcelain (I mention it at the very bottom of the post) it is discontinued but sometimes it pops up at dollhouse shops and websites.

  5. What a gorgeous space! It looks so real. Makes me dream. Lol

  6. Stunning! I really like the modern roombox.

  7. It looks so beautiful! I love how warm and inviting it looks but like you'll still be comfortable and cool outdoors.

    1. Thank you Sheila, that's one of the things I struggled with, figuring out how to find the balance of interior and exterior. I'm happy how it turned out!

  8. Just beautiful, Kristine! You really are an amazing mini designer!

    1. Thank you Jodi! This one definitely was a challenge!

  9. Hi. I was wondering where you got the shelves?

    1. Hi, They are made from 1/8 basswood and then I cut little brackets out of basswood and painted them black.


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