The Brentwood Dollhouse: Interior


Take a tour of the Brentwood dollhouse interior! 

This post is long overdue!  I've been trying to figure out how to get my email blog post notifications back... but since I can't seem to make progress on that, I'm going to post anyways.  

The dollhouse in this post is the original Brentwood dollhouse design that had a limited run of 50 kits in 2022.  There is a new redesigned kit available on here, with a post showing how I did the new exterior here. The main differences between the limited edition dollhouse kit shown here and the current one on the market are the windows and the railings. The original kit had laser cut MDF double-sided windows and the new Brentwood kit has more traditional wood-manufactured windows.  The great thing is the new windows can be stained and still feature all the beautiful panes that make up the transitional style.  Same for the railings, they are now beautiful wood railings that you can stain if you want.  Same style.  (We also made the overall kit shell assembly even easier and added an extra window in the second floor bathroom!)

Starting with the first floor, we have the entry.

I loved seeing this room come together.  The stairs come with the kit and they were very easy to paint and assemble.  I added a trim detail on the side to give it a bit more character.  The doors are stained Colonial by Saman stains.  I also did baseboards in each and every room, but I left them off the stairs.

Across from the stairs is the kitchen.  I have a place holder kitchen in place for now, but a new one is coming shortly.

On the other side of the stairs is the living/dining combo.  The table is hand made (see the details of the DIY here).  These chairs are super simple basic dollhouse chairs, but I think they just work so well in this space and as a set.  The florals are Tiny Naturals Gift shop on etsy.

I love this chandelier from  

Beside the dining room is the living room.  Similar to the big table I also took the fire place from that Autumn gathering scene and put it in the Brentwood.  I love it here.

The sofas are a little on the smaller side but together they work.  I think the bigger sofa is actually a love seat which explains a lot.   The art above the fireplace is @aclockmakersdaughter and the florals are again Tiny Naturals Gift shop.  I used various pillows from the Brentwood bedding sets on the pillows for different scenes.

Moving upstairs we have a children's bedroom, hallway, and bathroom.
The hallway on this floor is a bit basic for now but I hope to add some more art and bench or some sort of furniture unit at the end.

I combined the floral wallpaper with blue trim, and painted the bed frames white.  These are new twin bed kits designed by me and made by  I'm so happy with them.  They fit the mattress perfectly and they feature a fun bubble design.  In the future I plan to add more things on the walls and I want to add recessed lighting because this room is a bit on the darker side without it.

Now the bathroom on the second floor is one of my favourites.  I did beadboard around the bottom half of the room, a built-in tub, and double vanity.  

Moving up again to the third floor we have the large en-suite with the walk in laundry room.  I love the fact that this dollhouse offers a closet space.

Moving to the final room, we have a bathroom with walk in shower.

I'll be updating this post with links and sources. Please let me know if there is anything in particular you want to know.


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