Kitchen Plans

Some quick pictures from today, taken on my phone (UPDATE: Disregard the .wordpress watermark. Thanks!).  I find its so much easier to snap the pictures quickly and upload them on my phone then getting out the 60D, especially when they're only test pictures.  I spent the majority of the afternoon cutting up cereal boxes to make the base cabinets.

I think this is the configuration I'll be going with.  I wasn't sure where to put the fridge, but I've decided that since my new white modern Elf oven/range is so large I'll move it to the exterior wall.  With the fridge now having such prominence in the kitchen I'm going to get the Elf commercial fridge which is ultra-drool worthy and is 5" wide.  All the fridges in my collection are around 2.5" so I brought out the tinfoil...

I put foam board where the farmer sink will go, I'm still deciding on the style.  I bought some great faucets at Christmas, so its just a question of whether I want to build the sink or buy a porcelain sink and hack-it. :)  I kind of like the shiny effect porcelain has as compared to wood.  The dishwasher is missing from the images below but it should be going between the sink and fridge.  I'll import the pictures into photoshop and have some fun designing the look.