Let's Eat! A Mini Kitchen Haul

I have never had so much fun shopping for food.

I walked into The Little Dollhouse Company on our recent trip to Toronto with the mantra "only buy for the kitchen, only buy for the kitchen" and for the most part I did just that.  It was fun buying accessories rather then furniture staples, so often I've gone in with a list of things I needed to create just basic components for my scenes like a single bed, a couch, a coffee table and maybe one or two accessories.  (You can see those artworks on my official artist site here).

This time I will admit I went on a bit of a spree.  I fell in love with two OOAK artisan tables decked out in harvest time foods but in the end they didn't fit the size of the room.  That was okay though because I got to take inspiration and customize to my liking.  While I liked to two tables I realized my kitchen will need a large square island.  So I got two unfinished to take apart and use.  I really don't want to spend time trying to build working drawers and this way I'll get to use the legs too.

I'm happy with my choice to build from scratch.  I get to pick exactly what I want and the items aren't glued down so I can move them as I please.  I choose a lot of glass because I loved the effect the light has on them.

So much colour!  With a white kitchen in the works I think it will really bring some life into the scene.
Lots of fruit; some pears, grapes, lemons, apples, bananas and berries. Bread, potatoes and a few kinds of squash.  I think the red and green stems in the basket are rhubarb.  Essentially this is my kitchen in real life: fruit, veggies and gluten-free bread.  I'll just have to buy a mini blender for smoothies.

Now I didn't just stick to the kitchen.  I mean it is a real life dollhouse store so who could resist??

But what happened?!  It's been a week since I got these and only yesterday while taking photos again and suddenly realized I took two different chairs!  Thankfully they are similar... but I think I'll still be wanting a matching pair...

I also got a Chrysnbon bathroom kit and quilt for other rooms in the house. tsk tsk.  I rationalized it all by telling myself to that I was saving the shipping costs... hmm.  Actually my bf helped me  as per usual in the end, throwing up his hands in the air with a big smile and saying "let's just get it all!"

Holiday treat indeed.

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  1. Those are beautiful! I've always wanted to visit that store....hopefully I'll get out that way sometime.


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