Lower Cabinets

 This first post is a behind the scenes look at assembling non-opening base cabinets.  The marble tops tutorial will follow in its own separate post right after.
To get an idea of their assembly, simply start by building boxes out of basswood, I used 1/16in and 3/32in sheets.  

The back piece was longer to allow for a thick square rod of basswood to create a toe-kick at the front.
Added 1/8in basswood top, with a slight overhang.

The door fronts were made using cove moulding and basswood trim (described in detail in the Island Tutorial).  The hardware from jewellery findings and miniature knobs (hardware tutorial).
Paint and add a finish to the counter top (see my faux marble tutorial here).


  1. This pierce turned out stunning! A wonderful tutorial as well, thank you for sharing your techniques. ;)

  2. Hi Kristine! You did a great job on the cabinets :D! Thanks for sharing the how-to.
    Hugs, Ilona


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