A Hint of Sunshine

Despite the piles of snow and below zero temperatures this spring, my kitchen is starting to feel both bright and sunny.  I owe that to the many surprises I received this month which almost all had a hint of yellow.

The new yellow bowls, soup ladle and covered dish are very bright and spring like for these wannabe winter days. They mixed in well with my older pieces too sharing a similar colour palate.

This month was rather busy and I only managed to get a little things done in the kitchen.  My birthday was a couple of weeks ago and boy did I get a lot of miniature surprises this birthday!  The most exciting part was that many of the items are things that have been on my wish-list a long time.  For example: A turkey. How many times have I wanted to do a holiday scene with one of these?
And then this increasingly rare re-ment drugstore #9 set which has these adorable toothbrushes.  I've wanted those for years.
Look at how cute they are!  Have you ever seen the typical 1:12 brushes?  They look like some sort of brush to file down metal pieces.  Not these fancy cleaners.  I was even more pleased (and surprised) to find that the rest of the set worked in the 1:12 scale as well.  The toothpaste and mouthwash are very nice.  To be honest I have been watching this set on ebay for months and I was really disappointed to see it sold, little did I know that the buyer was in the room next to mine :)
And speaking of re-ment, my sister helped me add this piece to my collection.  When I saw a review online I knew it was going to be a risk for scale.
Does it fit?  Sort of.  My kitchen is more 1:10 then 1:12 I think.  Depending where I put the blender the scale works. It also helps to place it with the bananas that came in the set (Mini Sweets #8), however the juice and cup are definitely out of scale.  Below you can see how its just a bit too big.
And finally the biggest surprise!  A fridge!  No tin-foil wrapped cardboard cut-out, this is a handmade Elf Miniatures creation. And it's gorgeous!
(Remember the stand in fridge I had? Haha)

 It was simply a holder for the last two years while I dreamed of this one.
My boyfriend actually contacted Elf and got it custom made with lights like I had wanted and they turned out amazing.  I was very surprised by the whole thing. It's very well made and durable.  Elizabeth does such amazing work! Originally I had wanted a spot for larger drinks but because it was a surprise he didn't know to ask for that, thankfully the shelves are easy to remove and I was able to make it work.  I'm really excited to find and make a few more grocery items for inside.  I'm thinking lots of bright vegetables.
I hope this post was helpful for those looking to purchase any of these Re-ment sets and wondering about scale. I know it was a show and tell post but next week I have written a tutorial post all set up and ready to go for my lower cabinets. With a new marble top :)

I think today is going to be above zero degrees, thankfully and I am looking forward to some spring like weather.  I hope you all are well, I was a bit quieter this month in blogland but I did read a lot of your posts on my phone when travelling and enjoyed reading all your new stories.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Wonderful scenes, the yellow does inspire spring and brightness now if only nature would get a hint!

  2. Thank you Jane! :) Yes after all the extra snow yesterday I'm longing for a bright green landscape.

  3. All your birthday gifts are fabulous. The turkey looks very realistic, the toothbrushes are cute, the blender looks great, especially with the fruit in it, and that fridge is fabulous. It looks great lit up with the fruit and veges in it. It is nice your family are supporting your interest with such fabulous gifts.

  4. Hi again Kristine. I just want to say I have just had a look through your blog from finish to start... your kitchen is absolutely fabulous as are the other little projects you have done. You obviously have a good eye. I look forward to following the progress of your house in future blog posts.

    1. Aww thanks :) That's so sweet. I appreciate all your feedback.


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