23 Dec 2017

A Merry Miniature Christmas 2017

Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season!  Thank you so much for all the comments and love on my last post, this community is really what makes making miniatures so special for me.

16 Dec 2017

The Belmont House

In less than 8 months, I've built my very first dollhouse!  That's right.  My first!  Kind of a requirement for a dollhouse blog to have, I think, and it's been long overdue! Welcome to the Belmont House.  A modern luxury home ready to move in!

29 Oct 2017

House Update

Hi everyone, today I have some updates on my modern dollhouse build.  These pictures have been taken over the last couple of weeks.  Most of my projects are mid-way or just about finished. 

18 Sept 2017

Summer Send-off

Spent the last weekend of summer 2017 by the lake.  The balmy weather meant sitting dockside complete with hammock naps and barbeques, just soaking up the sunshine.

18 Aug 2017

Flooring and Pin Doors

It is now mid-August and the floor and windows in the main building are in.  With the more intensive projects out of the way, I'm looking forward to having some more manageable tasks to work on.

22 Jul 2017

Modern Miniature Folding Doors Part II

Only one week left of July!  It took almost a month but my working modern miniature folding doors are in and running along their track.  The real glass now creates crystal clear reflections.  Check out the video below of them opening and folding!

21 Jul 2017

Modern Miniature Folding Doors Update

Hey!  After a crazy bunch of glitches, the new post on folding doors has moved and been re-posted!
>> Folding Doors Part II

Thank you for understanding!  I appreciate my readers so much!

24 Jun 2017

Kitchen Dry Fit and Site Makeover

Today I have some exciting things to share!  First, I'm happy to say I finally got around to updating my site!  It's overall more modern and hopefully much more reader friendly.  Secondly, I've completed a dry fit of the kitchen for the CC2017 build.  It's looking good, but I'm not sure it's quite there just yet...

17 Jun 2017

Laser Cut Sofa & Chairs

After all these structure posts I'm thrilled to have something more interior focused to share!  This week I brought three projects to life using my local library's laser cutter.  I now have a living room set for the build and an extra roombox to play with.

10 Jun 2017

June This and That

An unexpected blip in my blogging as I jumped into helping my sister move the last couple of weeks.  I think we all underestimated the amount of things she had gathered and time it would take.  After all the packing/unpacking and crafting, what was supposed to be one week turned into three!

Here are a couple things that have been going on during my absence:

14 May 2017

Folding Doors Part 1

This week I'm sharing a bit of the process that went into making the front framing and the beginnings the doors.   Not only is this framing acting as a supporting wall, but it also creates a track for the doors to run along.  I really had to try to make it square!

7 May 2017

Resizing Wood for Miniatures

This week I've begun replacing the front framing in new lumber and started a dry fit of modern folding doors in scrap MDF.  The next couple of posts will look at both making the lumber for the build and making the folding doors.

28 Apr 2017

Opening Walls and Interior Accessibility

After an unexpectedly busy month with family it took much longer to progress on the build.  The walls have been modified with new openings and I have a basic layout of the window framing.   It's very exciting to see the character and style of the house coming together.

22 Mar 2017

CC2017: Modern Dollhouse Design

My small 'cabin' didn't stay small for long!

I've figured out my changes to the structure design and completed most of the base construction.  I just need to cut and frame out the many windows.  I've decided to go contemporary with concrete, wood, and glass.  I felt like a flat roof would be more suited to this style but I want to keep the essence of the kit as much as possible.  So it will be a mix of flat and angled roof lines.

4 Mar 2017

Change Up in the Studio! CC2017

I had grand plans for Valentine's day last month; a marble fireplace, a city view, and chocolates!  I knew I needed a new project to inspire me.  I recently read 10 Newbie Dollhouse Mistakes and How to Fix Them by Small House models and realized I'd actually made a bunch of them.  Building a huge dollhouse just wasn't helping my creativity and I needed something smaller. 

28 Feb 2017

Modern Laser Cut Kitchen Completed and Breathe Magazine

Some fun news to share! At the end of last year I was asked to contribute some photos for an article in the UK lifestyle magazine Breathe.  The author, Karen Bamford, described what a lot of us enjoy about the hobby, creating and designing things on a smaller scale that we might not get a chance to do in real life.   It's so great to see a focus on modern miniatures and the different approaches people take to create.  There are several other miniaturists work and their shops featured too.

21 Jan 2017

Dining Room: Winter View

Can you just imagine eating breakfast here every morning with that view?  I usually shy away from the cold but this landscape was too pretty to pass up spending some time with.

20 Jan 2017

This isn't what I was planning...

While working on a new blog post I somehow got a little too click happy and managed to delete all my pictures off my blog.


Great start to 2017.

So I'll be back with new posts (and all the old ones)...  This just wasn't what I'd hoped to start off with.