Backyard Patio Retreat: Fence, Pavers, and Pool

Construction has moved right along on my backyard patio collab with Hobby Builders Supply/ The privacy fence is up, the pavers are laid, and the pool is ready for a party!  Let's take a look at how everything came together.

I started by painting the planters a warm off white and adding a new little bench at the back behind the pool.

I then moved onto the deck. Before adding any stain I used the palm sander to smooth everything out and get rid of glue spots (stain won't cover the glue).

I went with the Saman brand stain in the colour Colonial.  I love their wide selection of colours and the easy application.  I did pick a slightly darker stain than I originally had intended but I think it still works.  I found the best way to apply was with a sponge brush and then a rag to wipe down the surface.  You have to work quickly and in the direction of the floorboards because at this scale, you can't have patches of colour.

I knew from the start I wanted a privacy fence to make an easy built-in backdrop for this scene.  Originally I was going to use skinny craft sticks but they wouldn't take the stain, so I ended up using stip wood and cutting it to size.  I stained everything before glueing together.

Love how the fences turned out!

The next project was the pool.  I used Benjamin Moore "Jamaican Aqua" on the inside and the very top.  It was important to pick a colour that would look good under the acrylic which slightly darkened the shade while also compensating for the extra light of the LEDs I want to put in the pool.

I like to use tester sized paints from Home Decorating stores because you get a better selection of colours than the craft store.

To create the water effect I used the acrylic Rippled Water Sheet from  I placed it on top of my pool box base and then added my floorboard frame on top.  I think it looks just like a breeze is blowing across the water!

With the acrylic sheet:

Since my last post, I made the decision to bring the pavers closer together.  I glued them down and placed a heavy book on top while they dried.  I then added a soft grey paint with a foam sponge.  I took out the palm sander again to smooth everything out before adding the second coat of paint.  They still have ridges and dimples, but they are no longer really rough.

Once the pavers were dry I filled in the grout lines with Pollyfilla (drywall mud) and wiped off the excess.  TIP  Pollyfilla is water soluble so if you get some left behind on your stones you can use a wet rag to wipe it away, even if it's dried.

So impressed with how the balsa tiles turned out!  They were easy to cut and they didn't warp which was a big surprise.  Thank you for all your suggestions, I was ready to try them all!

And here is everything together!

I have deck lights and plants left to add before moving in the patio furniture.  I'm going to need a lot of plants to fill these planters!  I think the height of the fence really pairs well with the 4" Spring Green trees.  Here's a sneak peek of what's ahead!

I'm just thankful these plants don't require a green thumb.

Doesn't the greenery add so much life to the scene?  Thanks for checking out this week's post!

(This series is sponsored by Hobby Builders Supply/  Lots of cool modern patio and garden minis will be featured throughout!)


  1. Such an inviting and serene space.

    1. Thank you so much Sherrill! I think the pool really does add to the relaxing vibe!

  2. Great progress! I love the colour for the swimming pool.

    1. Thanks! It took a few visits to different stores, but I think the colour really makes a difference.

  3. The perfect place to relax in. Fantastic work!
    Hugs, Drora

  4. An Ideal escape into your own back yard
    Last one in, is a rotten egg! :D



  5. This is just so beautiful!I am not sure if I missed it but what are the planters made of

    1. Hmm the big white ones surrounding the deck? They're 1/4" MDF. I have some photos and a bit more explanation in my last post, the first of this series, where I talk about the base.
      The two black planters in the last image are store bought from

  6. The pool and it's water effect are marvelous! I think you found the perfect color! The fence is wonderful - sometimes there is just no substitute for good old basswood lumber! I am so happy that you had luck on your side with the pavers, and the whole scene is looking magazine worthy already! Can't wait for all of the plantings and furniture and to get my invitation for the pool party and barbecue!

    1. You'll definitely be invited! Thanks Jodi! The pavers were a big surprise. However I am realizing that they are rather soft and easily dent. Which I knew would happen but wanted something thin so I went ahead with them.

  7. I would have been afraid to use polyfiller on the balsa and really expected the tiles to warp! You were courageous... But it all turned out perfectly. I usually matt varnish the bricks, tiles, etc. before grouting - just to be on the safe side. And now to the landscaping....

    1. I think the reason why this worked is because the paint I used had a gloss finish, it was a house paint. I actually was really hoping the spackle would dull the finish and thankfully it did. While I usually have a coat of resin or clear over my tiles like you mentioned, I've always used polyfilla/spackle and haven't had any issues. The only thing I do regret is using the soft balsa which dents so easily. That said it was easy to cut and thin.

      I was going to do landscaping but decided the lights have to go in first. So I'll be sharing that next week. Thanks for your thoughts Marion!

  8. Que zona tan real y perfecta para el relax!!

  9. A relaxing and comfortable place.

  10. Hi Kristine,
    This is wonderful! Everything is cut so precisely and looks so clean and elegant. Top notch build in every way!
    Had to swing by from IG to see more details =)
    Michelle (Rosehip)

  11. This is really stunning work! Especially that fence... WOW. Well done!!


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