Christmas Morning Roombox

Merry Christmas!  It's the morning of the 25th in my newest dollhouse roombox.  Let me set the scene, the mini homeowners have been waiting for months to have their kitchen back after a big renovation. They are just about to sit down and eat a delicious spread.  Do you have any Christmas morning traditions?  We always make a point of sitting and eating together after opening gifts.

If you've been around here for a while, you know kitchens are hands down my favourite minis to make.  I am thrilled to be partnering with Hobby Builders Supply/ again to bring this one to life. Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of this post to get a huge discount on your next order!  I hope I've given you some shopping inspiration since a lot of these items are fabulous for year-round mini-scenes.

I had been wanting to make a kitchen with Houseworks cabinets for a long time now.  I thought the cabinet kits were really well made (links at the bottom of the page) and love the look.  I did a bit of a makeover on these cabinet fronts.  I'll explain more in my behind the scenes posts coming up, but essentially I switched the front panel so that the doors were shaker.  The kits had everything I needed and I really liked the cabinet knobs, so much that I used them everywhere. To make them more modern I stacked my upper cabinets together.

I got an array of mini food and drinks from   I really liked the drinks, the little espressos are cute and the orange juice looked great in the glass. I saw the pancake set with the box and the baking items and loved the idea of making things look lived in.  There was even the baking rolls display set with the dough and rolls being made.  I'm usually the chef so it was perfect for me.  As an added bonus I reached out to Cute in Miniature to fill a measuring cup with pancake batter and add a raw batter pancake in the frying pan to add just that little bit extra realism.  (The poor little box fell over!)

My 5 favourites for this project are 1. the deviled eggs.  Okay I know I use them every time, but I just love them so much! 

2. the metal loaf pans, I was impressed with the quality and the realistic look and 3. the glass pitcher was a nice size and a perfect vase.  I'm always looking for good glass minis

4.  the milk, eggs, butter and measuring cup set.  It was great to set up a baking scene, but also they looked really good in my fridge too. 

5. the cabinet hardware that came with the cabinets, it's a beautiful brass knob.  

I decided to make the appliances from scratch for this kitchen and I'm very pleased with how they turned out.  I think they are my best attempt yet!  They have a faux metal finish and were made with a laser cutter and by hand.  Now that I have the exterior design done, I hope to make re-make them again in the New Year but opening doors and burner lights.   The faucets are from my shop and are part of the traditional bundle, the pot filler is also in the traditional style and comes in a mobile version.   

If you have been following on IG stories, you've seen some behind the scenes of this video.  Not to worry if you missed that, I will be posting a Youtube video and blog post in a bit with all the details!  I also plan to add lighting to this scene in the New year, and I'm still thinking about maybe switching up the island.  Right now it's the table from my Autumn Gathering Roombox, and uses these legs.  Let me know if you think I should stick to a table or do a cabinet base island.

I want to thank HBS/ for sending me some accessories for this scene.  I purchase items from them all the time and I'm excited to share that they've given me a promo code for all of you!  Enter PDM1221 to get 25% off your ENTIRE ORDER (valid through Dec 11 2021- Dec 25 2021).  They don't often have 25% off so go go go!!! And let me know what you got!  Hopefully, this post gave you some inspiration!

What do you think of the kitchen?  Any favourites?

Here are all the links to the accessories:

Snowman mugs

Brown Pitcher

Large Embossed Mixing Bowl

Two Tone Cutting Board

Copper Pots Set

Loaf Pans (2 pc)

Glass Pitcher

Glass Jar (for cookies)

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Baking Rolls Display

Fresh Fruit Platter

Tropicana Orange Juice set with filled Glasses

Deviled Eggs


Cottage Loaves

Pancake Set

Eggs, Butter, Milk, Measuring cup set

Espresso for Two



Tumblers (4pc)

Oval Platter

Skillet Set

Succulent Plant (3pc)


Tall Aged Ewer

Island Table Legs

Links for Unassembled Cabinets (also offered in partly assembled for a couple dollars more):

1.5" lower cabinet with Drawers

1.5" lower cabinet with Door

2" lower cabinet with Drawers

2" lower cabinet with Door

3" sink/oven unit that I used as is

1.5" upper cabinet with door

3" upper double door cabinet (I also modified this to work under my sink)


Pot Filler
Faucet Set (similar, my faucet has taller feet let me know if you are interested in it)
Tree-shaped cheese platter 


  1. What a great scene! Once more you've managed to create a live in roombox with a wonderful mix of accessories. I like a lot the view seen out of the window. Thank you for sharing all the links.

  2. Wonderful kitchen with many accessories, enough to seem real.

  3. Your mini house look so fabulous like always:)

  4. As always, so lovely to see! The appliances are beautiful. Great job :)

  5. I'm finally catching up on my blog reading and wow! This is gorgeous! I love the marble look of the counters and the open shelving. I really like the table in the kitchen. And now I have to go test our your coupon code!

  6. love them, what type of material do you use to create the walls of your room boxes?


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