Kitchen Progress 1

I have progress!  My miniature kitchen is coming along with great results.  I have much of the cabinets built and I am slowly finishing them with trim.

I have picked a range hood style, probably the most difficult decision that kept me from progressing.  Mainly because I wanted a cove or mantle above and therefore needed to extend the width of the room.  Oh yes!  Another 3 inches added to the right side of the house!

The room has become massive, but I keep telling myself that there will be more options for the scene and photographing different angles. ;)  The cabinets fill 16" x 17" of space and this excludes the fridge and breakfast nook!

Adding the trim:

I'm using a combination of 1/16 and 3/32 basswood which is nice and easy to work with and means that the hanging cabinets are light.

While building I found the best way to visualize the space and the style was to add some accessories and blur the background.  Kind of like squinting and pretending its already there ;)  I do love these new candles by Handley House I got from the Little Dollhouse Company, I'm so excited to decorate.

My next post will have some pictures of the finished mantle and hopefully the oven wall complete.  Until then...

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