Kitchen Progress 2

It's been awhile friends.  With summer here I've been traveling and working on a few projects apart from minis.  It seems that is the case with many of us mini bloggers during the warmer months.  The kitchen has progressed though and I have a few posts lined up.  During my travels I went on a bit of a 'mini' shopping spree and purchased many accessories for the kitchen, but I'll show those a little later.

For now take a look at the kitchen as it sits waiting to be finished after I return from holidays.

The upper cabinets are simply shells at the moment but all of the components are bought and ready to go.  I'm a little nervous as to building the doors.  While I was there this past week, The Little Dollhouse Company in Toronto suggested that I use paper clips as pins rather then trying to find nails.  I just need to find the right drill bit...

I've also started the farmers sink.  It's made of wood but it will have a high gloss finish.  The inside is shaped with a glue to give a more realistic look too. I'll have a separate post on that project once its completed with a few more coats of paint.

Obviously there is still much more to be done but its nice to have so much in place.  I think I'm ready to remove a lot more of the tape holding some of the remaining pieces together.  I wanted to make sure everything was the right size before finalizing.

I'm excited for my next post filled with mini kitchen accessories food and dishes.  Until then,