All Lit Up

I can finally see the light. ;)  It's been many long months but I finally feel like my kitchen project is nearing its completion. Even as I type this my boyfriend is building me a base with wheels to set the house on, which will let me anchor and glue everything down.

I received my chip LED lights on Friday and quickly assembled them all together.  I bought them from Evan Designs and they were shipped quickly and at a reasonable price to Canada.  I highly recommend them.  These tiny tiny LED chips are very powerful and I only had to use one per cabinet. 

The magnets holding the doors to the cabinets leave a small gap of light.   So I'll be finishing with trim to fill them in.  

I'm especially happy with how the space above the oven is lit and the reflection on the tiles.  I think I will do lights under the cabinets to brighten the space too.

Last week I finally got around to using the polymer clay I had bought.  I didn't have time to start the gingerbread house but I did make some little cinnamon buns.  I'm hooked!  It was so much easier then I thought it would be!  I may not be a great baker in real life but my miniature baking might just work out.
 Once again thank you all for moving with me to Blogspot.


  1. Still looking fabulous! Nightlight would be fun...but then I wouldn't get any sleep because I'd just keep staring. Don't you agree?

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  3. Totally gorgeous and thanks for the link. Very informative.


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