Christmas Kitchen

A little Christmas baking has been going on this month.
I didn't get as much done mini wise the last few weeks.  I had hoped to create a more developed scene. Still, I am very pleased with the clay items I made and my attempt at a tree.

The tree is lit with Lemax star lights. They are rather big, but the tree isn't decorated with anything else right now so I left them on.  

For the baking I made gingerbread dough, with cutters from Michaels craft store (in the Christmas section).  Michaels actually had a few 1:12 scale items like sleds, buckets and wreaths for mini scenes.  The cookie cutters worked perfectly.  I also used craft sand on the sugar cookies and it worked out really well too.
The food on the island really makes all the difference.  I will have to get some regular food items for the new year. (And some granite!)
The tree took a bit of trial and error.  I couldn't find the dried 'princess pine' many miniaturists use locally but I did find a artificial pine tree with tiny needles.
I got two of them and pulled out all their branches.  You can see the sizing below.

 I tried the wire tree with branches stuck in method, but I quickly ran out of branches and couldn't get the shape right
So I left that and started over again using floral wire and wrapping the pieces together.
No glue.

It worked better.  I might try again next year using the wire tree base again.  For now I am enjoying my quick little festive scene.

To all my followers and readers I wish you the merriest Christmas this holiday season and the happiest New Year yet!

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  1. I think that your little Christmas tree turned out so well and I like it with the lights only, they look Perfect. You know, I have the same little cookie cutters from Michaels button section, but I haven't tried them out yet and didn't know that they worked so well! Thanks for the tip and the wonderfully atmospheric photos!



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