Night By The River

A mini update friends, I know I've been away from blogging for a few weeks.  I've done some minor updates to the kitchen: side paneling, under cabinet trim, and beginning to upholster my new kitchen and dining chairs.  Overall everything seems to be mid-project.  The one major renovation is the windows, all punched out and ready for endless landscapes!

 I've also filled in some of my cabinets.  I received a big bag of mixed dishes from my bf for Christmas.  I think the total came to 187 in total of various plates, mugs and teapots in a blue-ish white.  I will probably buy again from this seller because the price is so great for the amount you get.
I also got some putty by Collector's Hold! over the holidays.  I wish I had got this sooner!  It holds everything!  No more masking tape!  I was able to hang all my cabinets and dishes (some need some final touching up) and nothing moves.

 Also from the same seller as the dishes, I got this cute miniature kitchen aid mixer in an orange colour. (seen below)  It's a tad small for my kitchen... but I think in some places like this shelf it will work.  It would probably be to scale in most commercial dollhouse kitchens.
 And a sneak peek at my new dining chairs!  They are being modernized with a black and white stripe.  I'll be sure to post in detail next time.  I absolutely love them!
 The chairs were really the final piece missing in my design.  I think now I can choose a counter top finish and trim colour that will tie in with the walnut finish.

Well that's all for now.  I should be back to posting regularly again.  Thanks for visiting.


  1. I love all of the ambient lighting in this room and the window above the sink is great. Fab! =0)

  2. Wow, your kitchen just looks like a real one, if you don't know it is a miniature one ;)!! It is beautiful. And the view from the windows add even more reality to your kitchen!
    How can I follow your blog with Google friend connect? Is it possible for you to add this tool on your blog?
    Kind regards, Ilona

  3. Thanks Pepper! I'm quite happy with how that turned out too. :)

    Ilona! Thank you for the compliments and for suggesting the friend connect. I thought it was no longer available but I did some research and found it again for blogger. :) I just recently found your blog over the holidays and have enjoyed looking through your posts too.

  4. It worked :D!! Now I can follow your blog too, thank you, Kristine! Number 5 ;)!

  5. Hi Kristine! I also love this kitchen and once again I think that the mix of traditional chairs with a fabulous seat cushion really makes for a more interesting mix than having everything modern. Well done on the design of the kitchen layout and also the way you have utilized the light and made it work so beautifully in this space. I adore the under-mounted cabinet lighting as well as the interior lighting for the display cabinets. That kitchen range is Fantastic and so is the island!
    Really beautiful work all around!


  6. Very detailed, nice work. Every part is realistic and sweet. I am waiting to my blog...


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