Valentine's Table Scene

Happy Valentine's Day!  I decided to put together a themed scene this week.  On display are my new Bespaq dining chairs which I finished upholstering, and lots of other diy projects I finished over the last two weeks.

 I made my first miniature cake - which has left me with a really bad craving for Black Forest cake in real life... and I made lots of little chocolates.  I found a great tutorial for the Ferrero Rocher chocolates by Drora awhile ago and saved the packaging from a few. The bottle and glasses are Re-Ment.

I also attempted pasta and was quite pleased with them.  My white sauce went too translucent, but next time I'll add a bit more colour.  A great tutorial for pasta can be found on youtube by SugarCharmShop. I've just been marathoning her videos, they're really easy to follow and detail a lot of different foods.

I made the flowers awhile ago but didn't have time to finish the stems.  The candy jar was bought from a dollhouse store.

My chairs!  I love them!  They came with a cream floral fabric, which was very dated.  I like the way these are modernized with the black stripe.  The acrylic table is by AmazingMiniatures and completes the white and black design.  

The books were made using regular printer paper, foam board and photoshop.  I think I'll make a few more.  The tulips were purchased, and the lamp and crystal clock are both Barbie.  

And lastly, the miniature balloons!  I wanted so much to have miniature balloons for this scene.  I found these great ones on Etsy but knew they wouldn't arrive on time.  Then I saw a great project by Joann using acrylic gems, but I couldn't find any locally.  Thankfully I found some lollipops that looked like translucent hearts!  I snipped off the sticks and inserted some thin wire which I painted white to look like string.  

To get the balloons to stand without falling over I placed the bunch in an old nail polish bottle painted to look like a vase (it would be hidden behind the table anyways).  

I hope you are all well and enjoying your weekend.  I highly suggest you check out the HBS/Miniatures 20th Creatin Contest winners.  Just, Wow!  
As for me, now that my miniatures are all done for the week, I'm hopefully going to go find a real life black forest cake to devour.  Until next time,


  1. What a beautiful and amazing scene, Kristine, great work! Everything looks stylish and it is so well done. I like your modern color scheme and I love that idea of the lollipops ;)!

  2. Oh man, I'm so craving chocolate cake too. This scene looks impeccable. Clever idea with the balloons. Your food looks really good. Love it =0)

  3. Great scene! Your chocolate cake is simple mouthwatering! The chairs, the table top, are perfect.
    Fabulous work!
    Hugs, Drora

  4. A wonderful Valentines scene! Everything looks yummy and romantic!

  5. Hi Kristine! I LOVE the way you have put this scene together! The re-upholstered dining chairs are Perfect for the mix of traditional and the contemporary. The addition of the lucite pieces brings everything into the 21st century whilst the wood makes it very user friendly! I love the stack of books and the very innovative balloons! :)) And the Black Forest Cake and chocolates is Wonderful! I love it All and look forward to even more of your Creative miniatures in the future! :D


  6. Wow what a fabulous scene. That cake looks simply devine. No wonder you craved the real thing after.

  7. Just found you! Love your blog beautiful miniatures! Thanks for the great tuts too!! :-)


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