Christmas 2019

The decorations stay up until January, right?  Come tour my Christmas scene for 2019.

Here's the big overview (including the unfinished hallway/dining!)

The mantel garland and wreath are what inspired the space.  They are by the amazing tinynaturals on Etsy.   I was blown away when I opened the box!  (Just wait till you see the exterior of the bungalow done up!)
This sofa set isn't new but I don't think I've shared it yet.  It's by PRD mininatures.  Soooo comfy.  It's got a good amount of squish for those mini people.

The tree is made from a bottle brush tree, 2 LED strands from Evan designs, and lots of Lycopodium branches (thank you Shelia for shipping those to me!!) FYI if you plan on making a tree... mine is 9" and I only needed 1.5 bunches of lycopodium.  I thought it would have taken a lot more.
The gifts are from tinynaturals, littlebitsandpiecesbypam, and the white ribbon bow is from toadlyawesomeminis all on Etsy.
And finally the Christmas baking!  These are all by Paris miniatures.  I've started collecting a lot of her work.  It's all so gorgeously detailed and cute!  A mini bakery definitely is in my near future.

Oh and that's my boyfriend and I in the frame ;)  Kat sent me a box of goodies back in the summer and I'm finally getting them out and into scenes, thanks Kat!  All the vases, beads and frame were perfect here!

I hope you all had a very happy and joyous holiday season! I'm looking forward to the new year and new mini projects! How about you?

I just have to find that mini champagne bottle again for tomorrow...


  1. Preciosa la decoración navideña y muy acogedor.
    ¡Feliz 2020!

  2. Hi Kristine! Your scenes are always so Perfectly serene! This one is so lovely, I wish I were sitting there! And the treats do look delicious! Happy New Year to you!

    1. Thank you Betsy! If I was a mini 1:12 person I'd be pretty happy in that spot too. Those sofas are really comfy!

  3. I love how this looks! Can't wait to see the tree all decorated. The coffee table is beautiful...and makes me hungry!

    1. Thanks Sheila! I won't be decorating the tree this year sadly, but it's a relief to know I'll have a tree for next time. I think I glued it well enough it will store okay too. I love Paris Miniatures work... my bakery is going to be filled with like 80% her things! lol

  4. How beautiful and welcoming!!! Thank you for the links, it's always great to discover new shops.
    Happy New Year!!!

  5. A beautiful room with lovely Christmas decoration! The treat on the table are totally tempting.
    A Happy and Prosperous New Year 2020 to you and yours!

  6. Beautiful and elegant room.
    Happy new year 2020!

  7. Reading your Delightful (Post Christmas) Christmas post, was a Terrific way to herald in the New Year! :D
    Your fireplace and over mantle decorations look GORGEOUS Kristine, and so does the tree!
    I love the assortment of meticulously wrapped packages with their beautiful ribbons and bows. They are the perfect choices and totally compliment your room decor, and I also appreciate the various links you've included along with them!
    The Christmas cookies and the baking arranged on the coffee table, immediately makes me feel like visiting you in person, so perhaps you'd better put another cup of hot chocolate on the table, cause Baby It's Cold Outside! ;D
    HAPPY NEW YEAR and may 2020 bring you, your boyfriend and your family, the brightest future possible!

  8. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I love your Christmas scene and all the beautiful minis. And the room is also beautiful. Wishing you and your boyfriend a happy and healthy New Year!

  9. Happy New Year Kristine! I hope 2020 brings good health and loads of time to work on all your mini ideas! The things you've been collecting are wonderful and I bet you can't wait to put them on display!

  10. Adorable :) Glad to see those LEDs turned out.


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