Spring Celebration

Spring is on its way!  I think we all could use some cheerfulness in our lives right now with everything going on in the world, and what better way than a celebration with minis?  This farmhouse spring roombox was inspired by the new Hobby Builders Supply and miniatures.com March 2020 catalogue.  This project really cheered me up in the last couple of weeks, and I hope it brings a bit of sunshine for you too!

The table: set for a party!  I was so happy with these glass pedestal dishes, they were the perfect size to add moss and Easter eggs.  Reminds me of the decorations in the home goods stores here and I was shocked to find them in miniature.  Another surprise was these "value" wine glasses they sparkle in the light and look fantastic.  The table and sunrise tulips are go-tos for me.

But the Cross Buck chairs... they might be the biggest surprise of the project.  When I got them I realized I got the wrong colour and was really worried.  I decided to paint them with chalk paint and sand the edges and voila!  I love them, it's like they were meant to be! 


After and before, the wood colour is nice but not right for my design.  

The Hutch: The design of the room really came together once I saw the Hayden Buffet Hutch. I already own so many farmhouse appropriate minis, it was really nice to get them out on display. It's the perfect size for a lot of the little vases I own and never really had a spot for.  And it's a great size.  I used the wreath and tulip pails to make it just a bit taller (keep in mind my ceilings are extra tall!!)

Since I had a bit of extra wall space I added some new picture frames to the side.  I've got a prototype now to make more in the future!  But listen... mini picture frames NEVER stay straight.  What do you guys do?  Next time I'm going to tip the whole thing over and glue them on!

The side table: with the food!  This farmhouse style table would have been cute with the chairs but I decided I wanted extra space.  I highly recommend the tulip centrepiece in a white vase, seriously impressed.  I'm tempted to buy another in my next order because I like it so much. Which isn't always the case with faux flowers.  But clearly, I have a thing for mini tulips? My collection keeps growing!!

Also, the Easter cupcakes are really nice in person.  I especially like the ones with the grass and egg design.  Very pleased!  And of course, I got another glass jar for this scene... I am constantly collecting mini glass items and I like the way you can fill this one.  Will be cute in a bakery too, no?

I'm not sure if deviled eggs are Easter... but they were adorable and they're EGGS.

Oh and the pot lights! They're 3mm LED's in eyelets.  I'll have to post a tutorial on that soon.

Thank you Hobby Builders Supply and miniatures.com for providing furniture and decor for this scene!

I can't tell you how happy this roombox made me.  I sometimes get very discouraged that I'm not able to make minis quite as fast as I used to.  But everything really just came together for this project and it's been a little bit of joy despite all the chaos out there now.

I hope you all are healthy and safe.  Sending love to you all!!


  1. Realmente bonita!! Un soplo de aire puro ,alegría y color que todos necesitamos,bravo!!

    1. Thank you so much Pilar! It was nice to bring back some colour!

  2. What a gorgeous roombox!!! It's full of light and touches of bright colours, just what I needed to cheer me up in this dark time.

    1. Thank you Genevieve! Even "mini" sunlight seems therapeutic! Happy to hear you enjoyed it!

  3. I torture myself looking at your wonderful creations because I know I can't buy the things you use as you are in the States and I am now just here in the UK. I do miss my winters in Naples, FL not least for being able to go to fabulous shows and buy great things. Meanwhile this roombox is just beautiful and absolutely perfect. The mistaken chairs were meant to be.

    1. I understand the shipping woes. I am actually in Canada, and a lot of things are too expensive to get shipped here. Miniatures.com has a reasonable rate though for me, it just can take several weeks to arrive.
      So happy you liked the scene! Thank you!

  4. It looks wonderful! Happy Spring. I'm definitely going to need those tulips for something.

  5. Spring has Always been my favourite time of year because of its resurrection of new life and the reintroduction of vibrant colours into our lives, so I am particularly smitten by not only your Easter theme but also the cheery placement of colours you've chosen for this light and airy room!
    Each area of arrangement feels Positive and Happy!
    I can see people filling their plates from the buffet and then sitting down to enjoy good eats and good conversation around your dining table, and btw, your chair rehab couldn't be better!
    Tulips are some of my favourite Spring flowers and I LOVE the way you've interspersed Bunches of them in with the easter eggs and baskets of fresh vegetables: Very Very Effective!
    The inclusion of spring green, and Sunshine yellow in the accessories in the hutch and the charming little chocolate and white rabbits also in the mix, were Excellent choices- two thumbs UP!
    You Definitely have a Terrific eye for Interior design Kristine and it's put a smile on my face from bunny ear to bunny ear- I LOVE IT ALL!


  6. What lucky furnishings and accessories to be able to be displayed in your lovely room! There is nothing more exciting than opening a large box from HBS and seeing the potential and possibilities of all of the treasures inside! You really created a fresh and lovely spring time scene which reinforces all of the reasons we swoon over tiny things!

  7. Me encanta la cocina que has creado.

  8. So nice to see a Wonderful, fresh looking spacey modern room, well lighted, with beautiful furniture and lovely spring time accessories. I love it.
    Hugs, Drora

  9. kristine, that looks soooo inviting! cheerful, colorful, happy and - of course - perfectly arranged. no doubt: I would love to help myself at this buffet :-)
    perfectly shots as well: it looks so real.