Bungalow Dollhouse: Fall

Hello, Fall!  The exterior of my beachside bungalow dollhouse has finally finished it's transformation. Today I'm thrilled to share a bit more about the house and some of my favourite new harvest-inspired minis.  Let's face it in miniland you need to get a head start on the seasonal decor if you want to finish in time to display!

I'm delighted to have partnered up with Hobby Builders Supply and miniatures.com once again to show off some of their seasonal accessories.  I love doing these holiday or seasonal projects with them because it always motivates me to try new things and reimagine my dollhouse or roombox.  I hope you get inspired too!

If you want to see more of the behind the scenes process and building materials like the stone foundation, shingles (peel and stick guys!) it will be in my follow up post next week.

Let's start with the entrance.  If you're new here, this is the Beachside Bungalow Kit by Real Good Toys.  I've changed a good part of the front which you can read more about in part one here.  They are two of these oval doors that I joined up together.  I went for a more traditional door handle to match the rest of the house.  These just make such a grand entry! 

The wreaths and real florals are by the fabulously talented TinyNaturals.  For me, they just tie the harvest accessories and landscaping together.  She's the one that made my beautiful Christmas wreaths too.  Those planters are old ones from miniatures.com... I hope they come back one day!

And I couldn't be happier with my wall lanterns!   I use the Candle Socket for lantern and Bi Pin Flame Bulbs to make these.  That particular socket fits perfectly in this design and makes installing them a breeze.  

Rather than a typical bench for this scene, I started off with my oak white table and chairs.  I liked how it gave me a bigger spot to display.  I did some food and some harvest farm fresh accessories.

I made a little vase out of the Copper Watering Can with the Sunflowers and Cattails.  I really like the sunflowers, I could see them in a bunch of arrangements.

Love these fall Cupcakes on the wooden tray!  It's a cute alternative for pie and would work well for Halloween too.

Garden Flag stands are so versatile!  I've wanted one for a while.  I got the Harvest Welcome Flag. I like how I'll be able to switch it up for the season.  To the side there is also a yellow Forsythia Bush.   The pumpkins are putka pods I got at the craft store.
This little corner is so sweet!  I have a hay baleMacintosh apples in a basket (I stuck some plastic in the bottom so it looked really full) and a small crate with pumpkins.  I liked how it offered a lot of different heights to layer in that corner.  

The rustic washtub is beautiful!! I used it as a planter.  It just has this gorgeous rusty hue.  I filled it with flowers from TinyNaturals.

The rest of the front landscaping is a mix of "Squeeze Me" shrubs and trees (see links at end of post), some flower tops from Michaels, and a big vibrant fall bush.  (That's the big yellow and orange bush on the right.)  I really loved this one.  It's so nice that it's bigger and adds that extra height behind the smaller bushes.  Very full too.
The landscaping and grass are removable so I'll show that next time.

I hope you've all enjoyed my fall photo tour!  I want to thank Hobby Builders Supply and miniatures.com for sending me some of these fall pieces to share with you.  Almost everything I used to make this dollhouse can be found there, including the original bungalow kit.  And if you love decorating for Halloween, you have to enter their Halloween contest!  The deadline is October 25th, and all you have to do is submit one photo for a chance to win a store credit. 

Take care everyone!

To see Part 1 of the Bungalow project click here.

The minis:  www.miniatures.com


  1. I love how it looks! The double doors are wonderful and all the fall foliage is so colorful and contrasts so well with the white and black! Your house colors are the perfect backdrop for any season. Christmas will be gorgeous too!

    1. Thank you Sheila! I was honestly surprised at how well it all came together in the end. I'm really excited to change it up for Christmas next. I'm hoping to do some sort of snow on the roof and landscaping while keeping it temporary. We'll see how that goes!

  2. The front house is beautiful with the fall decorations. In real life I love the colours of fall and you managed to recreate them perfectly. It's very welcoming. Wonderful job.

    1. Thank you Genevieve! The colours really popped once I put the backdrop behind it. I wish I had a porch like this in real life.

  3. Todos los detalles son preciosos. ¡Me encanta el colorido!

  4. The fall decorations are wonderful, even if I don't love autumn...

  5. Viewing the front porch scene of your bungalow,feels warm and inviting due to the spectrum of autumn colours you've used yet is also evocative of a mild chill in the air with the changing foliage in the garden and in the backdrop.
    I love the yummy table arrangement of cupcakes, cider, and apples with the wreaths and rusty tub of flowers- BEAUTIFUL arrangements everywhere I look!

  6. Una maravillosa ambientación de otoño para tu bonita casa!!!

  7. kristine, this is absolutely wonderful! great decoration job! it is amazing how one find everything on the internet without the fairs and all... this looks like I imagine Canada in fall :-)
    I am not into minis right now since I am renovating two real apartments and I am back working 100% again! Life is full of surprises... and opportunties.

    Sending you warm and colorful hug from Switzerland.

  8. Beautiful! I love eating al fresco and could imagine me...err I mean my mini people enjoying the fall breeze.

  9. You've done it again! This is magnificent!!!


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