Summer BBQ on the Patio

Summer 2020 sure has been one to remember!  I hope all of my readers are healthy and doing okay.  I started this bbq scene back in March, so I guess you could call this my quarantine project.  It's been fun to re-vist the patio space and spend some time "outside" and throwing a mini party when things are quieter in real life.  I found so many fabulously talented miniaturists for this one.  

I'll admit I went a little bit overboard... when the Chicago show was cancelled I kind of made up for it. Haha. Any one else find themselves spending a bit more time mini shopping while at home these months??  I'm usually someone that makes most of my things but it was fun to get a bunch of accessories to use in party scenes for years to come.

If you want to learn more about how I made the miniature Backyard Patio Retreat step by step you can check that out here.

Let's start with the BBQ! It's a Router Porcelain metal unit (without a base).  I managed to fit an Evan Design's LED inside through one of the cracks to get that flickering glow effect.  The bbq was a bit too clean looking so I added some black watered down paint to make it look used.  I also built the base myself and added the square base handle designs from my shop.  The countertop is a modge podged piece of copy paper on mdf.

I'm so thrilled with these accessories!!  Carolyn's Miniature Creations made all the cheese/burgers and hot dogs with both raw and cooked options.  She also made the platter of bbq chicken and all the burger and hot dog buns.  My favourite bit is how the crusty and shiny cooked burgers and chicken look.  They're so realistic!

On to the feast!

I got corn (I lost one cob!) which was surprisingly hard to find.  The three salads are by David from The Wee Deli.  I liked the two I originally got so much I went and got the potato salad and the red & white napkins.  I love that they came with utensils created into the design and the scale is perfect.  That little platter of cold cuts and cheese is by MoonBijox and she also made the tray on the upper level.  I love the way she creates tomatoes!  The hot dogs and burgers here are again by Carolyn.

Up to the deck.  You've seen this HBS/ set before. But what I really love here now are the pops of colour from all my new flowers.  They're made by the incredibly talented Cathy of PetiteFleurMinis.  Aren't they amazing?!  I got them for the front of my bungalow but ran out of time to plant them for a summer scene so they're sitting happy in here for now.  They'll be "re-planted" next spring.

And finally the pool!  I've had all these items awhile and it was nice to get them out.  That pink floating ring is a barbie pool ring but I think it works in 1:12.  The adorable jacket with the buttons was a gift from Mish of Allieshomegoods and will be going in my bungalow closet, along with the sandals by Patrizia.  And the towels and pool noodle are by BitsandPiecesbyPam.  I wish I had a pool like this in real life!  

I hope this brought a bit more sunshine to your weekend!  

After a lot of time off, I'm happy to say things have been going well for me and I'm getting back into my groove (yay!) it's so nice to be sharing and really working on projects again.  The last couple of months I spent my time designing new 3D items for my bungalow which I'll get to soon (new handles, new toilet, and new hardware!)   But first I'm focusing on the bungalow exterior with a fall project due mid-September.  Also...if all goes well I'll be branching out my mini shop into something highly requested and exciting this fall too!

Sending you all so much love, stay well!  


  1. What a wonderful way to close out the summer. (It looks like there is enough food for the whole online miniature community.)

    1. Thanks Sherrill! I did think of that too haha! As the months went on, the more I seemed to collect. I do a lot of party scenes so I think they will go to good use! :D

  2. It's as if I can smell the hamburger and hotdogs sizzling on the grill!
    OH WHAT A FEAST you've laid out for all of us Kristine, and I must say that the display of the assorted condiments placed next to the raw patties and franks along with the bags of chips and buns and BBQ chicken,provide a Really Authentic and Natural feel for what you'd expect to find around the grill!
    You've certainly managed to upgrade the BBQ by building a cook station for it and the storage with the Marvelous handles, go together like soup and sandwich.

    The buffet is laid out Splendidly with each delicious looking dish ready for immediate consumption and the potato salad, corn of the cob and the cold cuts are truly Amazing and so Thank You for sharing the links!

    The flowers are Glorious and I love their colour and their height up against the back fence, and the pool looks refreshing and inviting but I hope you'll make sure to remind everyone to wait 30 minutes after eating before diving into the water!


  3. Que maravillosa escena! Sobre todo nos hace añorar las reuniones familiares y con amigos alrededor de esa estupenda piscina,contemplando las bonitas flores y oliendo las delicias que se cocinan en la fabulosa barbacoa!!

  4. What a welcoming and generous BBQ!!! The perfect way to end the summer holidays. Your choice of food is just perfect, thank you for the links. The accessories beside the pool are great too. Stay safe!

  5. I love your patio and the new grill you made is fabulous! Yummy! All the food looks delicous. Glad to hear you are doing better.

  6. A marvelous BBQ scene! The food looks mouthwatering yummy! The flower beds are beautiful, the pool looks inviting and the little people are going to have a real feast.
    Great work!
    Stay well and safe!
    Hugs, Drora

  7. I so need to check out all the shops. Including yours! This is so much fun to look at and see all the little details.

    The flowers are soooo pretty. And the pool. I want to just dive in. Gorgeous!

    Can't wait to see what you've got in store for fall!

  8. Has creado un lugar que a todos nos encanaría tener y más en un confinamiento.

  9. I really enjoyed this scene. Summer was very different this year but minis made it better. Wishing you the best! Excited for the Bungalow.

  10. Oh, this looks inviting! First pool and then BBQ and then snooze on the deckchair...


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