19 Sept 2021

Bungalow Dollhouse: Summer


Season number 3! My seasonal bungalow dollhouse is enjoying the last few days of summer.  I finished the gardens and switched up the grass for the change in season.  I'm very happy with how all the flowers and plants came together, it was a mix from talented artisans and a few I made myself.  If you missed the previous posts about this dollhouse, you can find them here.

15 May 2021

New Dollhouse VF Kitbash


Meet my new dollhouse!  I started out with the RGT Victoria's farmhouse kit and somewhere along the way decided to make it bigger and re-cut almost all of the pieces...  and here we are!

8 May 2021

Garden Villa Roombox

Warmer days call for outdoor living! I've partnered up with Hobby Builders Supply and miniatures.com to furnish and decorate my new outdoor kitchen and garden villa roombox. Everything is linked at the end of this post!

6 Mar 2021

Bungalow Dollhouse: Winter

We're looking back at my 2020 winter bungalow dollhouse scene today.  I'm still cleaning up the snowflakes from this!  

The garland and wreaths are by Tiny Naturals on Etsy.  The lanterns are from my shop.   The trees are a mix of Lemax, Model Builders Supply, and Michaels.  And I printed out the backdrop on Engineering paper.  

The icicles were super easy to make.  I used Watereffects by Woodland Scenics.  And to protect my roof I put down a layer of foam board before adding a lot of modeling paste and powdered snow from the hobby shop.  The roof part warped a lot because I wasn't able to secure it without damaging my shingles.

And here it is at night with lights from Evan Designs LEDs.

The blog is officially caught up!  I can't wait to share the new house that I've been working on!  I also hope to revisit this bungalow dollhouse one last time for Spring/Summer. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

27 Feb 2021

Bungalow Dollhouse: Exterior Construction

Today I've got a long overdue follow up to my original bungalow construction post.  We're looking at the exterior; roofing, siding, shingles, foundation, and landscaping.  All of which was all done prior to my fall scene.