Project Gallery

A gallery of the completed dollhouses, staged scenes, and roomboxes I've done over the past couple of years for holidays, contests and fun.  To see more work like this check out my portfolio site with my fine art prints.

Dining Room (2017)

Modern Kitchen (2016 -)

Rise and Shine: The Contemporary Bathroom for Shapeways Contest (2015)

Late Summer (2014)

Modern Loft Scene for MinisModernas Contest (2014)

Happy Easter (2014)
Valentines Table Scene (2014)

Welcome Home Party! Winning entry for Mini Modern Mind Challenge (2013)
Let's Eat! Mini Kitchen Haul (2013)


  1. OK, you certainly got a lot of ooooos and ahhhhhs out of me! I am going to look at the rest now!

  2. Lovely work! So nice to see modern minis!

  3. What fabulous work!!! Thanks for posting...I love it all.