25 Dec 2014

A Merry Goodnight

A very merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone! See you in 2015!

15 Nov 2014

New Laser Project Update

Hi everyone! I'm finally back from my hiatus with a little update.  Since mid-September I've been busy designing, measuring, and learning new tools for this project. It's been a lot of math, sketches and computer puzzle piece designs... until now!  Here's a look at what I've got so far.

7 Sept 2014

Late Summer

Another season of sitting lakeside is coming to an end.  Its always bittersweet to prepare the cottage for fall.

16 Jul 2014

Loft Series: The Sofa

The first of my loft 'how I did it' series, this sofa was simple to make and uses craft tools and materials which are easy to find.  I mentioned previously that this sofa was inspired by this real life version. In a web full of sofa how-tos I hope some of you might find these tips and tricks helpful especially if you are daunted by power tools and wood.

5 Jul 2014

Giveaway Winner

This morning I woke up extra early and took the time to print and cut out all the comments from my giveaway post.  I put them all in a big bag and shook them all around, then gave my boyfriend the honour of reaching in and selecting the special one. It was actually a lot of fun :)

28 Jun 2014

Modern Loft Scene

I've got to say this might just be my most favourite mini scene that I've ever done! I was inspired to create for the MinisModernas contest and created this contemporary loft overlooking downtown Vancouver, Canada.  I was inspired by this real life loft space I saw on google which had these large windows and L-shaped sofa and went on from there.

18 Jun 2014


Here it is!  Back in March I hinted about doing a giveaway to celebrate my first year of blogging here on Paper Doll Minis and to thank all my followers for your support and encouragement.
I ran into a few hurdles while making the pieces (thus the delay) but it's finally happening!  Since my first year of blogging with you has consisted of mainly kitchen posts I wanted to carry over that theme.

24 May 2014

May New Projects and Finds: Studio and Farmhouse

 A big hello to all my new followers!  It's been awhile here.  The first two weeks after Easter I spent in a rut.  I just could not figure out the windows for the kitchen nook.  Ever get that way when planning things out?  I decided instead to change things up and now I've got a few new projects on the go (and thankfully I also figured out the windows along the way too).

20 Apr 2014

Happy Easter!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Easter weekend.  I want to thank you all for your kind words and encouragement on my last post.  I was planning on doing

6 Apr 2014

Easy Faux Marble Countertops Tutorial

Marble in miniature, something that many of you miniature bloggers have mastered.  I have finally come up with a cheat sheet for us that struggle.  Using a regular home printer and flimsy printer paper I made faux marble tops.  My first attempt on the left using paint from this post back in September of this year, and on the right my second attempt using paper.

Lower Cabinets

 This first post is a behind the scenes look at assembling non-opening base cabinets.  The marble tops tutorial will follow in its own separate post right after.
To get an idea of their assembly, simply start by building boxes out of basswood, I used 1/16in and 3/32in sheets.  

29 Mar 2014

A Hint of Sunshine

Despite the piles of snow and below zero temperatures this spring, my kitchen is starting to feel both bright and sunny.  I owe that to the many surprises I received this month which almost all had a hint of yellow.

28 Feb 2014

Upper Cabinets

At last a requested and long promised post.  And I'll admit it's a little longer then usual.  I did my best to explain everything and tried to find as many of the process images as I could.  These cabinets were a first run of trial and error and are not perfect by any means, but I do believe can be made very nicely now with the method outlined below.  The best part is the magnetic fronts are totally removable.

15 Feb 2014

Valentine's Table Scene

Happy Valentine's Day!  I decided to put together a themed scene this week.  On display are my new Bespaq dining chairs which I finished upholstering, and lots of other diy projects I finished over the last two weeks.

31 Jan 2014

Night By The River

A mini update friends, I know I've been away from blogging for a few weeks.  I've done some minor updates to the kitchen: side paneling, under cabinet trim, and beginning to upholster my new kitchen and dining chairs.  Overall everything seems to be mid-project.  The one major renovation is the windows, all punched out and ready for endless landscapes!