Valentine's Day 2019

Happy Valentine's day all my mini readers!  My life is definitely better with all of you in it! It's always nice to take out the seasonal minis and do up a scene.

I got the roses on my last visit to The Little Dollhouse Company and used material from little gift bag to make the wrapping around it.  The chocolates are originally from my 2014 Valentine's day scene.

If you are curious about where everything else is from...
The sign: Michaels Craft Stores, in the fairy garden section
Small white candles: Handmade Miniatures by Alma 
The roses, champagne, glasses, large candles in the background, table, and hutch: The Little Dollhouse Company
The sofa and chairs: Bespaq brand

My Valentine's day looked a little different, I'm currently sipping chicken noodle soup and getting some rest.  I seem to have caught the bug going around.

Sending lots of love to you all!


  1. Hope you feel better soon! I love your scene.

  2. Egad - I can tell you it's a baaaad bug. :[ Feel better soon! Nothing like a cheery little scene to make things better. :]

  3. Thanks for the lovely scene. Get well soon!

  4. Hi Kristine! I hope you feel better very soon! It's no fun being sick... especially on holidays. :(
    Your Valentine set-up is lovely and "heart-felt"! I am glad every day for miniature bloggers such as yourself who contribute so much to blogland! Be sure to rest and don't stress.... the minis will wait! :)

  5. Having been where you are in January; I definitely know your pains, but how sweet of you to take the time from blowing your nose, to set up such a Romantic Valentines scene for the rest of us to enjoy!
    But you stick to your chicken soup, whilst I help myself to your chocolates. ;D

  6. Preciosa escena llena de amor!!!

  7. Sorry you have the happy Valentine Day bug - hope it isn't THE bug that's going around and you will be better soon. Meanwhile what a lovely little scene, someone is coming home to a nice surprise. Marilyn


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